Adult Xtreme Entertainment League (AXEL) Part Three

Fred OliverContributor IJune 30, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  (L-R) WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista, WWE Executive Vice President Shane McMahon, and WWE wrestlers The Great Khali, Michelle McCool, MVP and Edge pose during the WWE Smackdown Photo Call at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

Now we want to focus on the managers and the style of wrestlers on each of the six teams.

I am going to go through the first three managers. The details for the managers will not be as descriptive on height weight and so forth, but on the managerial style and making the managers more of the antagonists of the story lines as they manipulate and get manipulated.

For those new to this continuing drama please look up my previous blog below to get a better understanding of where I am going with this fantasy production.

Gridiron Gang

As the name suggests, this crew of seven Wrestlers are all former football players, some in college and some form of professional football experience. These guys have various heights, weights, and skill sets. This crew concentrate on teamwork and is dedicated to having every belt in AXEL. You mess with one, you mess with them all.

They are lead by Da Coach. Yeah, we're going with a Mike Ditka, Buddy Ryan, or Jerry Glanville character here. If you don't know these NFL coaches look up their history on ESPN. Da Coach will give fans what they are looking for in wrestling entertainment. He is up-front, critical, a real Stone Cold Steve Austin type. The kicker here is Da Coach will wrestle with and against his own wrestlers in the Gridiron Gang if he deems them no longer a team player, unfocused, or soft. A loss to Da Coach usually means you are out of the Gridiron Gang. You beat Da Coach convincingly and you can guarantee yourself a push for a title shot!


Competition is None

The name says it all.  Arrogant, conceited, egotistical, pompous, smug, vain, and I could go on and on and on about this team's character. This team is made up of 13 wrestlers, men and women, whose attributes are that of former circus stars, stuntmen, and stuntwomen. They have extremely athletic, chiseled, and toned bodies. Those that are not face attractive more than make up for that with outfits that bring the attention to their most appealing upper or lower assets. This crew is really consumed by their outward appearance and being dignified by everything they do and say. This is a precision-grounded group. The fundamentals are their foundation to success.

This group is lead by Dazzel. She is almost a perfect clone of Jennifer Garner at 5'10" with a curvy180-pound body. She is a powder keg of unmatched beauty. Dazzel has a serious flaw. No woman on the team can be more popular than her. She will chase away great teammates because of her nature to always the focus of everyone's attention.  Be careful. She does any and everything to steal the spotlight in the squared circle, to have the fans in the seats and home adore her. All the men in the crew are mesmerized by her and often hold matches against each other to gain her favor. This crew has lots of turn over, due to the internal struggles of character. This crew often gains a great number of AXEL titles, but the reigns are short-lived.


The Venerable Ones

This is a crew no one really wants to be on, but this group resembles what goes on in our world everyday. Your youth is gone, you no longer jump as high as you used too, you no longer lift weights as long or as much as you used too. No matter how you dye your hair the gray seems to always surface. Injuries take longer to come back from.  Your body was a spectacle, but now it is something to cover up and be ashamed of, and guess what, you are just a few years over 30 and you have been pushed out, and over-looked by the other crews for younger fresher talent. This team is made up of wrestlers from all the other crews, so roster number varies because of the reasons described. These wrestlers are men and women who are angry, bitter, vengeful, and will do any and everything to beat up and break down their replacements. They live to expose the weakness of their former teammates and managers.

Their leader is Father Time. He is the most respected former Wrestler of AXEL. He has held every championship and was AXEL Heavy Weight Champion for 27 years straight with 170 succesful title defenses and 38 loses. He unified all the belt at one time for three consecutive years. He is now 63 years old. His profession has left him crippled, as he cannot walk and confined to a wheel chair. A distinguished, silver-haired old man takes all wrestlers that come to him and re-molds them and gets them re-focused. Nobody, and I mean nobody, messes around with Father Time. To do so guarentees that your career is over!

OK, that is it for these three. I will have the break down of the other team of wrestlers for you in two weeks since it does take time to come up with names and story lines. I promise that the next installment of AXEL will have a major twist!