Denver Broncos: Recapping the Latest Buzz Heading into Training Camp

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Featured Columnist IVJuly 10, 2014

Denver Broncos: Recapping the Latest Buzz Heading into Training Camp

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    The Denver Broncos will report to training camp on July 23 before holding their first practice the following day.

    Though training camp is closed to the public this year due to construction being done at the team facility, fans will still have a lot to look forward to, including a brand new indoor facility for the team to use.

    There will be several intriguing positional battles to watch in camp as the Broncos look to find their way back to the Super Bowl. In addition, the team has a good crop of undrafted rookies looking to find a role on the team.

    But before we get into camp, let's take a look at some of the latest news surrounding the team.

Aqib Talib Defends Police, Looking Forward to Facing Former Team

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    Denver cornerback Aqib Talib found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons in June, as reports surfaced that he had been arrested for a disturbance at a Dallas nightclub.

    However, it was soon learned that it was not Aqib that was arrested, but rather his brother, Yaqub. This was a relief for Denver fans, as Talib has been no stranger to the wrong side of the law.

    Talib was in a forgiving mood, though, telling The Boston Herald that he wasn't upset with the police in Dallas. 

    "That's some hard-working guys in Dallas. They were just doing their job and they made a mistake, an honest mistake, man," said Talib.

    In the same interview, Talib said that a matchup with his former team, the New England Patriots, will be "lot of fun." After calling Tom Brady one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, Talib said, "Anytime you get a chance to play against a guy like that, man, it's always fun."

    It's nice to see Talib put the mix-up with the Dallas police behind him, with an eye on the season. Whether he wants to admit it or not, he knows that the battle between Denver and New England will be crucial this season.

    But this time, Wes Welker will be wearing the same color jersey as Talib, so he won't have to worry about getting knocked out of the game.

Kapri Bibbs Thinks Denver Will Win the Super Bowl This Year

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    Undrafted rookie running back Kapri Bibbs recently tweeted that he will purchase an Audi as a gift to himself after the Broncos win the Super Bowl.

    After having a stellar 2013 season at Colorado State in which he led the nation in rushing touchdowns, Bibbs has to be brimming with confidence. The fact that he went undrafted probably gave him a rather large chip on his shoulder as well.

    When we win the Super Bowl that's gonna be my gift to myself ! #audi#r8

    — Kingbibbs#35 (@KapriBibbs) July 7, 2014

    But he has yet to play a single down in the NFL, and he may not even be part of that predicted championship run if he fails to make the team.

    He might want to accomplish that goal first.

Adam Gase Feels Offense Can Be Even Better in 2014

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    How can an offense that scored the most points in NFL history last season get better? How can an offense that saw a quarterback throw for an NFL record in passing yards and touchdown passes be better?

    Offensive coordinator Adam Gase believes it can.

    "Oh yeah, we can be better. We can do some things better, we can make better calls, I can make better calls, I can get us in better situations," Gase told Jeff Legwold of

    Hopefully, by better, Gase is referring to being more balanced with a strong rushing attack.

    Any time an offense is balanced, it means they’re running the ball pretty well," said guard Louis Vasquez. "And that’s a focus for us this year."

    It will be tough to duplicate the numbers they put up last year, but just because they don't, that doesn't mean they aren't better.

    If Peyton Manning throws for just 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns but the Broncos wins the Super Bowl because they have a more potent running game, that would have to be considered better.

Emmanuel Sanders Is Thrilled to Be in Denver

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    Emmanuel Sanders called playing in Denver "wide receiver heaven" when talking with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian of SiriusXM NFL Radio's Late Hits show.

    "The thing that I like about the Broncos is there is really no No. 1 guy," Sanders would go on to say. "Peyton always goes with the favorable matchup, and that's what I'm really liking about this offense. Any guy could go off for 180 yards or 100 yards with 10 catches any week, week in and week out, just based off of matchups."

    There is no doubt about that.

    Last season, the Broncos had five players with at least 60 receptions, one of which was running back Knowshon Moreno. Manning spreads the ball around to every target on the field.

    For Sanders, who has never caught more than 67 passes or has more than six touchdowns in any season, he truly will be in heaven, at least as far as stats are concerned.

C.J. Anderson Plans to Give Montee Ball a Run for His Money

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    According to, second-year running back C.J. Anderson thinks he can create enough competition between himself and Montee Ball for the starting running back spot in Denver.

    "What’s the point of being number two? Who wants to be number two? We was number two in the Super Bowl and we didn't want to be number two," said Anderson.

    You have to admire Anderson's confidence. However, it seems somewhat far-fetched.

    Anderson looked good in a preseason game against San Francisco last year, but he saw very little action in the regular season, carrying the ball just seven times for 38 yards.

    The Broncos also firmly believe in Ball as the starter, so much so that they made no effort to bring Knowshon Moreno back once he hit free agency.

    Anderson is a strong running back with good vision. He is also very tough to bring down and could become a major weapon in Denver as a short-yardage running back.

    Yet, there is no guarantee he'll even be the No. 2 running back this season, so his focus should be on how he can best complement the running back group in Denver, because Ball is all but guaranteed to be the starter.

Denver Broncos Are Now America's Team

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    A poll was conducted in the beginning of 2014 by Public Polling Policy, and it indicates that the Denver Broncos have become America's favorite team.

    In fact, that same poll shows that the Dallas Cowboys—long considered to be "America's team"—are actually the least favorite team of those polled.

    The Broncos have Manning, easily one of the most likable players in the NFL. But what else makes the Broncos stand out?

    Most fans like to see points scored, and the Broncos put up a record number of those last year. They are also one of the best teams in the league, and those fans without hometown loyalty tend to cheer for the front-runners.

    With a combination of a strong history, some of the best players in the league and a penchant for making fantasy football owners happy, the Broncos make a strong case to assume the title of "America's team."

    Have they stolen the nickname from the Cowboys? If you ask those fans who were polled, they have.