Ten NFL Players Who Need to Relocate

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2009

Could you imagine the statistics Calvin Johnson would post in Sean Payton's offense in New Orleans? Having Johnson opposite Randy Moss in New England would give most fantasy football gurus a boner.


Often players with a lot of potential aren't in the right scheme to showcase their true talent. We're going to look at 10 players who could benefit from relocating.




Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions, Wide Receiver


Johnson is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL and will be around for many years. His statistics are great despite not having a reliable quarterback.


Johnson doesn't get the ball nearly enough. Matt Stafford, being drafted No. 1 overall, can possibly develop into a very good quarterback, but if Johnson had a Drew Brees or Tom Brady-type QB, imagine the numbers he would put up.




Nnamdi Asomugha, Oakland Raiders, Cornerback


Asomugha has emerged as the best lockdown cornerback in the NFL. His man coverage skills are second to nobody, and most quarterbacks don't even throw the ball to his side. If you take away Asomugha from the Oakland defense, there really isn't too much to brag about.


If he had a great safety behind him to give him help over the top, Asomugha would be even better than he is now. The Raiders drafted safety Mike Mitchell in the second round from Ohio University, who may be able to help.



Leon Washington, New York Jets, Running Back


Washington has potential to mirror Brian Westbrook's role in Philadelphia. However, he was just an afterthought to Eric Mangini for the Jets last year. Washington has game-breaking potential and is great in the return game as well.


Washington needs to be on a team that will give him more touches and get him in open space with the ball, where he is most dangerous.




D.J. Williams, Denver Broncos, Linebacker


Williams has always had great potential to be a feared linebacker in the AFC. However, injuries have held him back. Denver's defensive line is the biggest question mark on a team with many issues.


In a 3-4 defense, Williams hasn't been able to showcase his talent. He has speed to track down many players, and on a team with a better front four, he could really blossom into a much better player.




Tyler Thigpen, Kansas City Chiefs, Quarterback


When he was drafted out of Coastal Carolina, nobody really expected him to turn heads. Kansas City hasn't stabilized the quarterback position in years. With the trade for Matt Cassel from the Patriots, this would leave Thigpen as the backup.


Thigpen has the potential to be a starter in the NFL if he can be more consistent. He has shown flashes of brilliance and can make plays with his feet as well. With a little experience under his belt now and a change of scenery, Thigpen could turn into a starter.




Martellus Bennett, Dallas Cowboys, Tight End


As a backup tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, Bennett showed up in a couple games for the Cowboys last season. He caught four touchdowns last season. Starting tight end Jason Witten led the team in receptions with 81.


With Terrell Owens out of the picture, Witten may see even more passes thrown his way from Tony Romo. Bennett would really benefit by being on a team that is in need of a receiving tight end.


He can really serve as a great target for any quarterback. He could start for most teams in the NFL, but he happens to be behind one of the league's best tight ends in Witten.



Israel Idonije, Chicago Bears, Defensive Tackle/End


Idonije is a versatile player who can play defensive end or defensive tackle and play on special teams as well. He can be a full-time player, especially after losing close to 30 pounds in the offseason to slim down for new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.


Idonije has great size and athleticism and could start at DE/DT for most teams. The Bears are stacked with Alex Brown, Adewale Ogunleye, Mark Anderson, Tommie Harris, Dusty Dvoracek, Marcus Harrison, etc.


The Bears often rotate players in, but Idonije is capable of being an every down player.



Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers, Tight End


Vernon Davis is a freak and if utilized could be a premier tight end in the league. Since being chosen sixth overall in 2006, he hasn't contributed much. With Alex Smith and Shaun Hill throwing the ball, can you honestly blame him?


He is a hybrid TE/WR out of the University of Maryland that can become a big-time player in the league even with a mediocre quarterback throwing to him. He needs to be more involved in the offense and needs to get the ball.


He would be a very nice fit in a more pass friendly offense. Without a quarterback, Frank Gore has had to carry the load on the ground for San Francisco.



Antonio Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wide Receiver


Antonio Bryant had a huge year with 83 catches, 1,248 yards, and seven touchdowns after spending 2007 on the couch. He had several highlight reel catches that left many fans breathless.


Why would he need to relocate after such a stellar year?


With Jeff Garcia leaving for Oakland (R.I.P.), Tampa's options at quarterback are Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich. New coach Raheem Morris isn't planning to play first-round draft choice Josh Freeman early at all.


Bryant's production could diminish with a new quarterback at the helm of the offense. He could also see more coverage, as Joey Galloway left for greener pastures in New England.




Billy Volek, San Diego Chargers, Quarterback


Billy Volek has good starting experience, but for most of his career he has been a designated backup. The only way Volek should see the field as a Charger is if Philip Rivers tears his labia in an estrogen-fueled shouting match with Jay Cutler.


While in Tennessee, Volek was pushed aside for Vince Young—that worked out well for them...right? Volek has good accuracy, but like most unproven quarterbacks, he lacks consistency. He has a good arm and has shown that he likes to throw the long ball and can hit it with accuracy. Volek would be a nice fit throwing to the aforementioned Antonio Bryant in Tampa Bay.




Feel free to comment on the players we've chosen and other players who could benefit from relocating. We aren't saying the players chosen in this article aren't good—only that if they relocated they could be even better.



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