NFL Draft: 32 Teams, 32 Cities, 32 Comments

greg pitschSenior Analyst IMay 2, 2008

We have all heard about how great the Chiefs did in this year's NFL Draft.  My question is, did they really do that well?

I don't think so.

When you trade the league's sack leader for a few picks, that could be a good move. But when you replace the best defensive end of last year with a rookie offensive guard? That is hilarious.

But really, you can never know how good a team did in the draft until the season starts.

Here are my 32 comments:

1. Miami Dolphins

I sure hope Bill did not have the two Longs mixed up from day one.  I mean, they are pretty close.

2. St Louis Rams

You sure are confident in Marc Bulger, huh? At 31 years old, he is still the future of the franchise.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Is Matt Ryan going to wear number seven?  Are his teammates still going to wear the shirts under their jerseys saying, "In Vick we trust?"

4. Oakland Raiders

That's bold, Al, taking a non-needed player with the only selection you had in the first three rounds.  But hey, they're just hatin' on you, right?

5. Kansas City Chiefs

It's funny that Dorsey will still get burned by McFadden twice a year.

6. New York Jets

Maybe they thought it was a typo and that Dustin Keller was actually a defensive end, therefore getting two in the first round.

7. New Orleans Saints

Maybe Sean Peyton should have Pete Carroll as his mentor, especially with the bulk of Trojan alumni they are getting.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars

Derrick Harvey eighth overall? He should probably have fallen at least to the mid-teens.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Rivers was a nice pick-up. Now back to the "Ocho Cinco" story.

10. New England Patriots

The punishment they received was crazy. You got caught cheating, so now you lose YOUR first round pick, 31st overall, but you can keep the No. 7 pick you got from San Francisco?

11. Buffalo Bills

Watch out AFC East (Patriots).  The Bills will be nothing short of the 2002-3 Raiders.

12. Denver Broncos

Darren McFadden will "Clady" take another one to the house. So how many do ya'll plan to win this year? "Type 1."

13. Carolina Panthers

How long do you guys give rookies to pan out?  It seems that you let them play, then next year they are already forgotten.

14. Chicago Bears

This is going to be funnier than the "Windy City Shuffle."

15. Kansas City Chiefs

I am still laughing about Dorsey not being able to get rid of his living nightmare.

16. Arizona Cardinals

I heard Matt Leinart wants to buy Jose Canseco's house, and maybe even rent him his old room back.

17. Detroit Lions

You honestly passed up on Rashard Mendenhall twice for Gosder Cherilus?

18. Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco... "No, seriously I get the joke," said Troy Smith while carrying his Heisman Trophy around.

19. Carolina Panthers

You guys just keep it coming, huh? So who is your guys' quarterback anyway?

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Okay, is Talib going to play behind Barber? Or opposite him? Was there was nobody better at this point?

21. Atlanta Falcons

You guys are trying to go in the right direction, but there is a dead dog that seems to have jammed up inside the wheel well.

22. Dallas Cowboys

Hey Romo, I think Jerry Jones hasn't told you yet, but this year is do or die for you as far as being a Cowboy is concerned.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

I guess you had to, nobody else even tried to get him.

24. Tennessee Titans

How are you guys not taking Limas Sweed here?  He was Vince Young's favorite target at Texas.  But Lavelle Hawkins will be a good fit.

25. Dallas Cowboys

Hey Romo, have you started packing yet?

26. Houston Texans

Did you trade back, so you would know how it feels to be among the elite teams?  Is that your philosophy this year?

27. San Diego Chargers

He will be good, if he ever gets to play.  That definately is not a need, but what the hell, right?

28. Seattle Seahawks

At Least you will beat the 49ers this year.

29. San Francisco 49ers

DeSean Jackson was yours for the taking.  Where is the sense in this?

30. New York Jets

You want Lamont Jordan back?

31. New York Giants

Great pick, to fill the recent hole left by Gibril Wilson, but you are the World Champs, so you could have gave that pick away, and it still would've been a good draft for you.

** Green Bay Packers

How many times in his career will Aaron Rodgers not have to look over his shoulder?  Brett may come back?  If he does he would be better off coaching the quarterbacks instead of playing as one.

** Indianapolis Colts

Don't mind the Colts, they are always doing the same old thing, as in keeping silent.  Except for Marvin.

** Minnesota Vikings

If we can't beat last year's pick, let's trade the pick instead.  Jared Allen is worth a first round pick?

** Washington Redskins

Do they understand why they didn't keep their first round selection?  They should start up a relief effort in the nation's capital to cut some of the FA cost they accumulated last year.

So after that we come to the conclusion that the only real winner on Draft day, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Somehow, top name players just fell to them with no moving around or frantic trades, just patiently waiting for their turn.


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