Rays/Devil Rays All Time All Stars

Shanan H.Analyst IJune 25, 2009

This is the fourth all-time team article, I've done one for the Mariners, Yankees and Red Sucks.  So, now I will do my third favorite team, the Rays


This task shouldn't be too hard, as the team will mostly consist of the World Series team.


But, for me and the Rays fans, I decided to do this anyways.


Oh, and people that are copying my idea, please stop.  I thought of it first!


Lineup:  LF Carl Crawford Probably the best Ray ever, he has been with the team for ever and if one person really represents the Ray organization, it's him.


CF:  B.J. Upton One of the better center fielders in the league, he will come out of that slump, and will be a premiere player again.


3B:  Evan Longoria:  The next A-rod?


1B: Carlos Pena: No competion.


RF:  Rocco Baldelli:  Ah, the talent that could have been...if only he hadn't gotten that weird disease.  Neither Gabe (Gross or Kapler) could compete with him.


DH:  Cliff Floyd:  He was very consistent last year, and actually had a great year.


SS:  Jason Bartlett:  Had a great year, and was a surprise threat.


C: Dionnor Navarro:  Nobody else competes.


2B:  Jorge Cantu:  Did you forget he was here?  I don't think Miguel Cairo or Akinori Iwamura can beat him.


How the heck isn't he here:  Pat Burrell?  Lack of experience, and consistency.



SP:  Scott Kazmir:  Best Ray pitcher ever...most wins, lowest ERA.

SP:  James Shields:  A close second to Kazmir.

SP:  Victor Zambrano:  Traded for Kazmir.

SP:  Andy Sonnanstine:  A good, consistent, strike out pitcher.

SP:  Edwin Jackson:  Better than any other guy they have, they should have kept him.

RP:  Dan Wheeler:  A promising young star, and very consistent

RP:  Troy Percival:  Consistent, but always injured.

CL:  Roberto Hernandez:  Leader in saves with the Rays


                        How the heck isn't he here...David Price?  Edwin Jackson.


That's it.  Look for other teams soon.