Yankees All-Time All Star Team

Shanan H.Analyst IJune 22, 2009

The Yankees have had some great players on their teams, and today I sift through to find the best.

This is part of a new series where I hope to eventually pick all stars for every team.

But today, we stick to the Yankees.  Here is the Yankee all-star team:

(Players are as good as their best year on the team, and are judged by their career and best year combined.)

Line Up:

SS:  Derek Jeter:  No questions here at short.

LF:  Don Mattingly:  I knew coming in Lou Gehrig would be at 1st, so I looked to see where else Matts could play, and saw LF, so he barely beat out Reggie Jackson for this spot.

2B:  Alofonso Soriano:  A had to look at stats carefully between him and Willie Randolf, but he came out with a higher batting average and about four times the home runs a year.

DH:  Ruth:  No space in the OF for him, so I stuck him here.

CF:  Micky Mantle:  One of the best CFrs ever, he deserves this spot.

3B:  A-rod:  Between him and Nettles, I had to choose A-rod.

1B:  Gehrig:  A tough selection over Mattingly, but a choice that had to be made. 

RF:  Joe DiMaggio:  Another great Yankees outfielder, he had a short career, but is still one of the best ever.

C:  Berra:  No question, as Posada was next closest.

Why the heck isn't he here:  Reggie Jackson?  While he's great, he couldn'e beat out Ruth, Mantle, DiMaggio, or even Mattingly, so he'll be on the bench along with Scooter, Maris, and Posada.


SP: Whitey Ford-It was hard to find starters, so I mostly went by wins.  Ford is in the HOF, and was a no question for me.

SP:  Andy Pettitte-Can't argue 185 Yankee wins, and 220 career wins.
SP: Mike Mussina-270 career wins, could have had 300.

SP: David Wells-Threw a no-no, and a good pitcher.
SP: David Cone-Another no-no, he had a pretty long Yankee career.
RP:  Rich (Goose) Gossage-In the HOF. 

RP: John Wetteland-Had 3 great years with the Yankees, and left after his fourth.
CL:  Mariano Rivera-Number two in career saves.

Why the heck isn't he here:  C.C. Sabathia?  Because he didn't have enough time on the Yankees.  But, watch out David Cone!

That's it.  Look for other teams shortly.