Seattle Mariner's All-Time All Star Team

Shanan H.Analyst IJune 22, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 31:  Ichiro Suzuki #51 of the Seattle Mariners plays against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Angel Stadium on May 31, 2009 in Anaheim, California. The Angels defeated the Mariners 9-8.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

You'd figure with so few good seasons, this team, the Seattle Mariners All Star team, would be easy to create.  However, I quickly found myself scratching my head.

The Mariners are an unusual team because they have certain positions that have always had good players, and others that have always been weak.

So, here is how my Mariner's all star team would look:

RF: Ichiro: I wanted to put Buhner here but I found a spot for him later. As above sates, this is always good position.

2B: Harold Reynolds: He should watch his back because Jose Lopez is about to steal his spot. But, with all the time Reynolds spent in Seattle, he still ranks over Lopez.

CF: Ken Griffey Jr.: For a long time, he was the only bright spot of Seattle baseball, and many say he kept baseball in this great city alive.  So, now he gets re-payed for his services.  Welcome back, Ken!

DH: Edgar Martinez: Edgar has a street named after him.  How cool is that?

SS: Alex Rodriguez: Mariners fans were happy when this young, electric, kid came to the Seattle area, but now he gets a full round of "boos" just for entering SAFECO Field.

LF: Jay Buhner: His head was so bald he could distract batters with it's shiny reflection. 

1B: Mr. Mariner, Alvin Davis: I'm a big Olerud fan but Davis was better than him.

C: Dan Wilson: Such a weak position. Both Kenji Johjima and the back up Jaime Burke were considered but, Wilson, while being a mediocre hitter at best, had unquestionable defense and was great with the pitchers.  And, he hit for clutch.

3B: Adrian Beltre: Another weak position but Beltre gets the call.

How the heck isn't he here: Rau(uuuuuu)l Ibanez?  It is because Bones needed a spot and right field was reserved for Ichiro.


SP: Randy Johnson: There is no questions on this guy.

SP: Jaime Moyer: The long time M deserves his spot.

SP: Felix Hernandez: The 23 year-old has put a big enough mark in M's history to be here.

SP: Langston: The long time M deserves his spot.

SP: Freddy Garcia: As a young kid, he was greatly appreciated in Seattle. 

RP: J.J. Putz: He has an electric fastball but he had to go because he couldn't get along with Ichiro.

RP: Everyday Eddie Guardado: The long time closer was loved until he became every other day Eddie.

CL: Kaz Sasaki- He was barely put over Putz, mostly due to his longevity.

How the heck isn't he here: Gaylord Perry?  Because although he had his 300th win with the Mariners, he really didn't spend that much time in Seattle.