Indianapolis Colts Undrafted Free Agents: Need-to-Know Info for Every Signee

Kyle J. Rodriguez@@coltsauth_kyleCorrespondent IMay 10, 2014

Indianapolis Colts Undrafted Free Agents: Need-to-Know Info for Every Signee

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    The Indianapolis Colts have finished the 2014 NFL draft, but there is plenty yet to do. Here are the Colts' five picks:

    Round 2: OT Jack Mewhort, Ohio State
    Round 3: WR Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss
    Round 5: OLB/DE Jonathan Newsome, Ball State
    Round 6: ILB Andrew Jackson, Western Kentucky
    Round 7: OT Ulrick John, Georgia State

    The draft was a mixed one for the Colts and left the team with several needs. 

    Defensive backfield is the one area that desperately needs depth, which should be a primary concern in the team's consideration of undrafted free agents. The Colts have 14 free roster spots after adding the draft picks, so plenty of UDFAs should be in play for Indianapolis. 

    Keep this slide open to get immediate updates to the Colts' signings as the night continues.

    All combine and pro-day info is courtesy NFL Draft Scout.

DL Zach Kerr, Delaware

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    Michael Conroy/Associated Press

    Height6'1" Weight326 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.06 sec. 10-yard split: 1.77 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.71 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.93 sec. 

    Bench Reps:28 reps Vertical Jump28.5" Broad Jump8'3"


    Source: University of Delaware athletic department

    Kerr is a strong defensive tackle with exceptional burst off of the line of scrimmage. He has fantastic physical abilities, and a high ceiling. But, his technique can be poor at times, and he loses his leverage easily. Some coaching is necessary, but Kerr has a very high ceiling. 

C Jonotthan Harrison, Florida

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    Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    Height6'4" Weight304 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.07 sec. 10-yard split: 1.83 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.86 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.97 sec. 

    Bench Reps27 reps Vertical Jump27" Broad Jump9'5"


    Source: Harrison's representation, The Institute for Athletes

    After not drafting a true center during the draft, the Colts signed the best center available as an undrafted free agent. In small spaces, Harrison wins his one-on-one matches. When asked to pull or get to the second level, Harrison struggles. Harrison should compete for a spot on the team and potentially even playing time. 

TE/WR Erik Swoope, Miami

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    Height6'5" Weight225 pounds


    Source: Swoope's Twitter account

    Swoope is a one of the most interesting prospects of the year, a former basketball player for the University of Miami that wanted to try football instead. It's reminiscent of Jimmy Graham's college career at Miami, except Swoope didn't play on the Miami football team at all. Swoope has great athleticism, however, and could be an interesting project. 

DT Tyler Hoover, Michigan State

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    Al Goldis/Associated Press

    Height6'7" Weight286 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.15 sec. 10-yard split: 1.81 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.67 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.38 sec. 

    Bench Reps27 reps Vertical Jump29" Broad Jump9'4"


    Source: Dave Birkett of The Detroit Free Press

    Hoover was a sixth-year senior at Michigan State last year, and has excellent length and all-around measurables. He is quick off of the snap and is an extremely hard worker, but his height can give him problems as he plays too tall at times. 

WR Eric Thomas, Troy

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    Thomas Graning/Associated Press

    Height6'1" Weight216 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.53 sec. 10-yard split: 1.63 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.26 sec. Three-cone Drill: 6.96 sec. 

    Bench Reps2 reps Vertical Jump37" Broad Jump10'3"


    Source: Thomas' Twitter account

    Thomas is a big receiver with good speed for his size, but he doesn't have much strength. Thomas' huge hands and wingspan give him the tools to be a possession receiver in the NFL with some after-the-catch ability. He doesn't run the best routes, but he could learn to sink in his hips and get the most out of his explosiveness. 

SS Dewey McDonald, Cal (PA)

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    Pittsburgh Sporting News (Don Wright)

    Height6'0" Weight220 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.43 sec. 10-yard split: 1.58 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.33 sec. Three-cone Drill: 6.99 sec. 

    Bench Reps23 reps Vertical Jump34.5" Broad Jump9'8"


    Source: McDonald's Twitter account

    This is one safety that definitely could make a roster somewhere as a strong safety. He's a solid tackler and has good ball skills. His instincts aren't quite up to speed to be a free safety, but he could fit in as a traditional strong safety. 

CB Darius Polk, Kent State

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    John Beale/Associated Press

    Height5'11" Weight189 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.52 sec. 10-yard split: 1.57 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.20 sec. Three-cone Drill: 6.83 sec. 

    Bench Reps13 reps Vertical Jump36.5" Broad Jump10'7"


    Source: Kent State Football Program

    While Dri Archer was the real draw at Kent State, Polk also impressed scouts at the Kent State pro day as well. He has great versatility and could potentially play safety, but his greatest asset is his ball skills.

CB Keon Lyn, Syracuse

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    Height6'1" Weight201 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.49 sec. 


    Sources: Nate Mink of

    Lyn missed most of his senior season at Syracuse because of a fractured kneecap, which also caused him to miss the Syracuse pro day. But the Colts attended Lyn's private workout in late April, where they were apparently convinced. Lyn can be inconsistent but has great size and length, and may be an option to move to safety. 

QB Seth Lobato, Northern Colorado

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    David Zalubowski/Associated Press

    Height6'5" Weight229 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.92 sec. 10-yard split: 1.74 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.50 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.07 sec. 

    Vertical Jump28.5" Broad Jump8'11"


    Source: Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun

    Lobato is a big, but mobile quarterback with a big arm, but his accuracy was an issue in college. His footwork is very rough, and needs refinement as well. But he has experience in a vertical passing offense and could be an interesting scout-team quarterback. 

OG Josh Walker, Middle Tennessee State

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    Steve Moakley/UTSA Athletics

    Height6'6" Weight320 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.19 sec. 10-yard split: 1.85 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.77 sec. Three-cone Drill: 8.01 sec. 

    Bench Reps23 reps Vertical Jump27.5" Broad Jump7'9"


    Source: Middle Tennessee Athletic department

    Similarly to Harrison, Walker is a good blocker in small spaces, but struggles when he gets on the move. But on the line, Walker is strong and quick out of his stance. He has a nasty attitude and is a standout run blocker.

    Middle Tennessee also was the university of another undrafted free agent currently on the Colts roster: Erik Walden. 

OG Marcus Hall, Ohio State

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    Carlos Osorio/Associated Press

    Height6'1" Weight295 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.01 sec. 10-yard split: 1.73 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.71 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.54 sec. 

    Bench Reps33 reps Vertical Jump31.5" Broad Jump8'11"


    Source: Doug Lesmerises of

    There seems to be a theme with many of the offensive linemen in this group of UDFAs. Hall is a strong blocker with great size, but his athleticism is lacking. But unlike Walker or Harrison, Hall can move well, but he's a little stiff in his stance. He needs some technical refinement, but he's well-rounded enough to fit in just about anywhere.

RB Zurlon Tipton, Central Michigan

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    Height6'0" Weight223 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.70 sec. 10-yard split: 1.64 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.48 sec. Three-cone Drill: 6.89 sec. 

    Bench Reps32 reps Vertical Jump32" Broad Jump9'11"


    Source: Nate Schneider of The Morning Sun

    2013 was hard for Tipton, who broke his ankle in the season-opener against Michigan. It seemed that Tipton would be forced to miss the rest of the season, but he recovered in time to play in the final four games.

    Tipton is a little slow, but he has a great nose for the end zone and is surprisingly agile in small spaces for his size. Even without great top-end speed, Tipton had a lot of big plays in college because of his explosive acceleration and notable vision in CMU's blocking scheme. 

WR Tony Washington, Appalachian State

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    Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

    Height5'10" Weight: 195 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.50 sec. 10-yard split: 1.56 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.45 sec. Three-cone Drill: 6.98 sec. 

    Bench Reps21 reps Vertical Jump38.5" Broad Jump10'5"


    Source: Appalachian State Football Program

    The Colts need people to compete on special teams, and Washington looks to be one of those guys. He's a small, quick receiver who has a natural feel for being a wideout. He runs good routes and uses that quickness to get separation pretty consistently. Although he doesn't have the biggest or strongest hands, he's not afraid to compete for catches in traffic. His lack of elite top-end speed makes him a little less of a threat in open space, but he certainly isn't slow. 

DT Nnamdi Obukwelu, Harvard

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    Height6'1" Weight295 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.01 sec. 10-yard split: 1.73 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.71 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.54 sec. 

    Bench Reps33 reps Vertical Jump31.5" Broad Jump8'11"



    An undersized tackle, Obukwelu was one of Harvard's most celebrated players in 2013, winning the George "Bulger" Lowe Award as New England's best defensive player as well as being named to the All-Ivy first team. Obukwelu doesn't have great size, but he uses his leverage well and shows consistent to-the-snap effort. 

CB Qua Cox, Jackson State

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    Height5'10" Weight178 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.56 sec. 10-yard split: 1.62 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.58 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.47 sec. 

    Bench Reps12 reps Vertical Jump35.5" Broad Jump10'1"


    Source: Cox's Twitter account

    A classic undrafted free agent type, Cox is undersized and doesn't make up for his size with speed or quickness. But Cox has a great feel for the game and is a fluid athlete. He displays sound instincts in coverage and shows great timing in jumping routes and anticipating where the ball is going. He's also a stand out special teams player. If he can overcome his lack of physical tools, he has a real shot to make the roster. 

K Cody Parkey, Auburn

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    Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

    Height6'0" Weight189 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.07 sec. 


    Source: Parkey's Twitter account

    Parkey was a starter at Auburn for the last three years, and hit multiple game-winning field goals. He has a strong leg, but struggles with accuracy from distance. He's just a camp leg in Indianapolis, with Adam Vinatieri being re-signed, but if he shows accuracy he may get a call from another team.

OT Eric Pike, Towson

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    Height6'4" Weight310 pounds

    40-yard dash: 5.28 sec. 10-yard split: 1.76 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.81 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.85 sec. 

    Bench Reps28 reps Vertical Jump30.5" Broad Jump8'0"



    The Colts added more depth to the line with Pike, who was a four-year starter at left tackle. Pike has good upper-body technique, although his footwork could use some work. Although he lacks top-notch athleticism, his quickness off the snap helps offset that, and could also help a transition to guard. 

WR Greg Moore, Lane College

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    Height6'3" Weight197 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.57 sec. 10-yard split: 1.57 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.28 sec. Three-cone Drill: 6.64 sec. 

    Bench Reps34 reps Vertical Jump34" Broad Jump9'10"


    Source: Craig Thomas of The Jackson Sun

    A high character guy with a reputation for studying the game, Lane has one of the skinniest frames I've seen for a wide receiver, but he used that length to score 11 touchdowns during his last year at Lane. He may not have the explosiveness most successful NFL receivers do, but he has an awareness on-field that is rare for a small-school wide receiver.

CB Kameron Jackson, Cal

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    Height5'9" Weight183 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.50 sec. 10-yard split: 1.56 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.28 sec. Three-cone Drill: 6.91 sec. 

    Bench Reps13 reps Broad Jump9'6"



    A small corner, Jackson plays bigger than his size and has better-than-average ball skills. Even with his height, he'll often win a jump ball battle due to exceptional timing. But Jackson's coverage is incredibly inconsistent, and some of his bigger plays in college were due to underthrown balls rather than good instincts. 

WR Jordan Harris, Bryant (On a Tryout)

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    Height6'0" Weight212 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.65 sec. 10-yard split: 1.62 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.39 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.29 sec. 

    Bench Reps7 reps Vertical Jump34.5" Broad Jump9'11"


    Source: Bryant Athletic Department

    Sure, Harris' didn't play against the best competition at Bryant, but his ability to separate in small spaces really stood out. He has dependable hands and collects ungodly amounts of receptions over the middle of the field. He'll need to get stronger to consistently compete with NFL linebackers and safeties for catches, but he certainly has the frame to do so. 

RB Branden Oliver, Buffalo (On a Tryout)

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    USA TODAY Sports

    Height5'7" Weight208 pounds

    40-yard dash: 4.62 sec. 10-yard split: 1.56 sec.

    20-yard shuttle: 4.22 sec. Three-cone Drill: 7.04 sec. 

    Bench Reps26 reps Vertical Jump33.5" Broad Jump: 9'9"


    Source: Jay Skurski of The Buffalo News

    Oliver is a small-but-strong, bowling-ball type running back in the Maurice Jones Drew or Mike Hart mold. As small as Oliver is, he's going to have to prove that he can stay durable at minicamp and training camp if he wants a shot at the roster.