EA Sports UFC: Brian Hayes Talks Bruce Lee, 1-Punch KOs, Fight Night and More

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 18, 2014

image from EA Sports UFC

Up to now, the next-generation video game that is the standard-bearer for visual excellence is NBA 2K14. That's the game that you break out if some non-gamer asks you what's the difference between current-gen and next-gen.

Come June 17, NBA 2K14 may have some company in that regard. EA Sports UFC has already shown us breathtaking fighter renders, stunning lighting effects, lifelike crowds and glimpses of intense fighting action.

Within the video, there are screenshots of every fighter revealed up to this point.

The game has made an impression—though the forthcoming demo hasn't even been released of yet. The UFC's own Junior dos Santos was very pleased with his render.

He retweeted this image and message:

While the images we've seen answer some questions about the game, there's still a lot we don't know. Will the create-a-fighter suite allow us to use the GameFace feature?

Just how big will the roster be? Will the game be a hybrid between EA MMA and UFC Undisputed 3, or something altogether different?

These are all legitimate questions that many gamers likely want to know the answers to.

This week I had a chance to speak with the game's creative director, Brian Hayes. He answered as many of my questions as possible.

We talked about various parts of the game play, some modes and options (those that he could discuss), the inclusion of Bruce Lee as the mystery fighter and even the company's boxing simulation, Fight Night.

As a major fan of combat sports and sports video games, I've been waiting on the Fight Night series with bated breath.

EA Canada was the producer of the Fight Night series, and the company is handling this title as well. Find out how Hayes feels about possibly getting the series going again.

Take a listen to the interview to gain a bit more knowledge on EA Sports UFC, one of the more highly anticipated games of the year.


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