Washington Redskins: Best of Twitter Following DeSean Jackson's Signing

Dan GriffinContributor IIIApril 4, 2014

Credit: Redskins.com

Well, the DeSean Jackson saga is finally over. The former Philadelphia Eagle, who was released last week, took his talents 2.5 hours down I-95 to the rival Washington Redskins. This move brings a close to one of the most interesting storylines of the 2014 offseason thus far.

This move gives us a happy reminder of the Redskins we all loved from years past that would pay out big for question-mark players. The Redskins rewarded Jackson's exploits by giving him a three-year, $24 million deal with $16 million guaranteed, by far the largest contract given to a receiver in free agency this year. 

This move shows the Redskins are going all in to provide Robert Griffin III with the necessary weapons to return to star status after a subpar year last season. The move looks to make what was once a weak receiving corps into one of the division's best. According to a fake story from the Fake ESPN on Twitter, the move has already caught the eye of the young quarterback:

Dan Snyder and company have to be praying this move works out better than some of their other high-profile free-agent acquisitions of the past. The organization is still haunted by the enormous bust signing of Albert Haynesworth. Unfortunately, given everything that has been released in the days since his release, the odds are stacked against the 'Skins.

On top of the highly documented gang-related issues, a report was released regarding his poor attitude in the locker room and toward Chip Kelly. Apparently Jackson would test his bounds against the rookie coach to see what he could get away with, a trait that doesn't bode well with another rookie head coach in Jay Gruden.

In order to give Jackson the kind of contract they did, they must have felt confident his gang ties were not legitimate. Lucky for them, this news (also fake) broke shortly after the signing:

All in all, this is a good move by the Redskins organization. Not only did they eliminate a rival threat, but they also turned said threat against their enemy. Jackson will relish the opportunity to play against his former team twice a year and show them why it was a mistake to release him.

Of course, his attitude issues are a big concern, especially with the Haynesworth fiasco still in mind. If Jackson matures, then this is a home run move for the 'Skins and really throws them in the mix for another NFC East crown. If not, then this is just another mark in a long line of bad free-agent moves. I'm sure somewhere, Donovan McNabb is laughing about this whole situation.