2014 Powerade Jamfest: Slam Dunk Contest Winner, Highlights and Twitter Reaction

Kenny DeJohnAnalyst IIIMarch 31, 2014

McDonald's West All-American Grayson Allen, of Jacksonville, Fla., hits the court after scoring his final slam dunk in the slam dunk contest during the McDonald's All-American Jam Fest at the University of Chicago in Chicago, on Monday, March 31, 2014. Allen won first place in the slam dunk contest. (AP Photo/Andrew A. Nelles)
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College basketball's next big stars combined for a very exciting Powerade Jam Fest on Monday evening.

While the McDonald's All-American Game is the highlight of the festivities at the United Center in Chicago, the Powerade Jam Fest may very well end up as the most memorable event. After all, watching high-flyers is a favorite pastime for fans of the sport.

The players involved lived up to the hype. The dunks thrown down were extremely impressive and signify the athleticism of the incoming class of college freshmen.

If this contest was any indication of next year's crop of talent, then the entire college basketball world should buckle up and prepare themselves for next season's excitement.

Here's everything you need to know about Monday's Powerade Jam Fest.

Contest Winner

It appeared from the start that multiple participants had a shot at winning the contest—until Grayson Allen grabbed the ball in the final round.

Let's not jump ahead just yet, though. Check out one of his dunks from Round 1:

Grayson Allen
Grayson AllenCourtesy: 247sports

This dunk, combined with his second one of the round, placed him third overall with 125 points. That didn't stop him from winning, however.

This dunk stole the show in the final:

Allen showed his all-around skill set on Monday night. He also competed in the three-point competition, showing off a very nice stroke in the process.

He'll bring a ton of talent to Duke next year.


The first round of the contest consisted of two dunk attempts. A'ja Wilson, the lone woman in the field, started off the tournament with two attempts at a left-handed dunk.

While she was close to converting on multiple attempts, she ultimately failed to get the lift necessary to flush it.

Allen, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kelly Oubre and Theo Pinson highlighted the first round of action. Allen was particularly impressive. He threw down a crazy windmill with a bit of hesitation to lock down a spot in the final.

His first dunk was equally as impressive:

Pinson also threw down a strong dunk in the opening round. A UNC commit, Pinson leapt over former Duke star Jay Williams to earn the respect of the judges:

Towns even got in on the exciting action:

Here's what Oubre threw down:

After starring in the first round, Pinson, Allen, Oubre and Towns moved into the final.

The final was equally as compelling. The participants knew they needed to step it up—and step it up is exactly what they did.

There was plenty of athleticism on display in the final. Pinson, Oubre and Towns succeeded in getting the judges on their feet, but Allen's dunk won the night.

Jumping over Jahlil Parker was the key to the win, but throwing on the Williams jersey while he was in attendance was a nice choice. There was no doubt on anyone's mind as to whether or not he was worthy of the win.


Twitter Reaction

Twitter had a field day with the Powerade Jam Fest.

Jeff Rabjohns of Rivals.com was particularly interested in Pinson's leaping ability:

Oubre was one of the contest's most exciting dunkers, even if he wasn't the winner. He has committed to Kansas for his freshman year, and the Rock Chalk Blog is ready to see him soar:

The tweets regarding Allen were the night's best, however:

Justin Barney of The Florida Times Union also played off Allen's bounce:

Williams, the man Allen honored by wearing his jersey for the final throwdown, also tweeted out his congratulations:

Events like these are what make Twitter fun to refresh for hours.