DeSean Jackson Facebook: “Don't Believe Everything You Hear”

Yueh HoCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2014

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 03:  DeSean Jackson #10 of the Philadelphia Eagles leaps over the goal line scoring on a forty six yard touchdown pass against the Oakland Raiders during the third quarter at Coliseum on November 3, 2013 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Did DeSean deny the trade rumors as far back as a week ago?

I have made no secret of my belief that the Eagles will never trade DeSean Jackson. Apparently on March 19th, DeSean alluded to the rumors being false on his Facebook page. The Facebook post, in light of new developments, clearly reinforces the notion that he will not be traded.

Below is a screen shot of a post on Jackson's Facebook page.

DeSean Jackson Facebook Page


It certainly seems to allude to the intense trade speculation that has dominated NFL news for the past month. Jackson seems to be sending a message to Eagles fans that he is not going anywhere and will continue his efforts in the community.

Today, DeSean revealed on his Instagram account that he and Chip Kelly did in fact talk. My guess is that Ike Reese's original report that Kelly reassured DeSean he would not be traded was correct.

All the rumors that the Eagles were attempting to deal Jackson were weak from the start and weren’t based on much. For a while it was reported that the 49ers and the Panthers were attempting to acquire Jackson, but those rumors were refuted recently with both GMs denying any talks took place.

The Jets admitted interest in DeSean Jackson, but Jets owner Woody Johnson stated that they were not interested in trading for him. For the most part, teams only seemed interested in Jackson if he were to hit free agency, and it’s preposterous to think that the Eagles would let Jackson go without getting anything in return.

Jackson has reportedly begun contacting teammates and telling them he will remain with the team in 2014. The Eagles, of course, could always still decide to trade DeSean as the draft gets closer, but that is looking more and more unlikely by the day. If Jackson really was as cancerous to the team as previous reports have suggested, the Eagles would have been far more aggressive in dealing him by now.

And while this is a wide receiver-rich draft class, the odds of obtaining a player of Jackson’s production are slim. Why not stick with a player who has already proven he can excel in your system?

When asked by reporters about Jackson's status with the team on Monday, GM Howie Roseman refused to discuss it, only saying that "he's still under contract." 

Maybe it's a cop out. Or maybe he, like Jackson, just won't even entertain the idea. Looks like DeSean’s not going anywhere after all.


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