Is Twitter Taking over the NBA?

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Is Twitter Taking over the NBA?
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

As the Internet becomes more tied in with just about everything to do in the NBA, have we entered a "Twitter Era?" It's safe to say the craze began this past season, and many NBA superstars, teams, and television networks are tweeting like crazy!

So many celebrities have their own web sites and usually have a blog. Though, is it truly possible for them to update it that often? So what could possibly solve this problem? If you ask Phoenix Suns Center Shaquille O'Neal, it would be "140 Characters or Less."

At first, Twitter, to me, was a very stupid idea, but after using it for one year now, I love the concept. It's a great communication tool for stars to update their fans at home, on the go, or (if you ask Toronto Raptors Forward Chris Bosh) at the game.

Also, Twitter allows NBA teams and players to easily respond to their fans. It allows them, as well, to express their feelings during a game.

Have you ever wondered what players who missed the NBA Finals think about the game, as it goes on? Twitter allows you to see that!

It's a very simple web site to use, it has hundreds of different ways of viewing tweets, and is there any downside to keeping up with your favorite NBA player?

Twitter is growing faster than about any other social network, and don't expect it to slow down any time soon.

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