Homers--What Your Team's Biggest Homer Has to Say

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IJune 11, 2009

There are too many things to name that are great about the sport of football. Instead of listing out the things, we love. I would like to discuss the one thing we all love to hate.

Homers. The fan who sees no wrong.  The fan who can honestly tell you that signing that aging, washed up running back was a good decision. 

The fan who believes all the talent in the world has found it's way onto his team's roster  It doesn't matter how many games they lost, how many fans are in the stadium, or how high the price is for   .. because this week, and every week, they will display superiority over the rest of the competition. 

How can you spot a homer? Usually if you pull a string located on their back they'll shout their opinion with no regard for logic. 

"Our QB is the best in the league"

"Our RB is the fastest in the league"

It is impossible to argue with a homer because they have the classic defense to use in any instance. "Your team/(insert player) sucks".

Somehow, someway, the homer can weasel his way out of seemingly impossible arguments by simply diverting your attention elsewhere. 

You may think you have him cornered, but think again, fair-minded fan.  You're dealing with a professional. We have done the leg-work and provided you with in-depth coverage of each NFL team's biggest homer statements. This will prepare you for a true battle (or struggle) of whits.


Arizona Cardinals "As long as Larry Fitzgerald is in Arizona, Warner will play like a 25 year old"

Atlanta Falcons "Matt Ryan will lead the league in self-caught receptions for QB's"

Baltimore Ravens "The Ravens could field only Ed Reed in the secondary and still have a better pass defense then the rest of the AFC North"

Buffalo Bills "Brian Moorman could play WR or RB on half of the teams in the NFL because of his speed"

Carolina Panthers "You couldn't build a house strong enough to stop our running game"

Chicago Bears "Brian Urlacher is the hardest hitting defensive player in the NFL and hasn't lost a step"

Cincinnati Bengals "Carson Palmer could throw a football through a needle from 40 yards away.... twice"

Cleveland Browns "Our QB situation isn't to worry about, Jamal Lewis will carry himself to the playoffs"

Dallas Cowboys "Now that T.O. is out of Dallas, we will finally win the Super Bowl"

Denver Broncos "Josh McDaniels turned Cassell into something special....expect Orton to play like Montana by Week 6"

Detroit Lions " A 53 man roster doesn't give you enough players to stop Calvin Johnson.

Green Bay Packers "Aaron Rodgers could possibly break Brett Favre's all-time touchdown record with time.....Week 13."

Houston Texans "Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton are so good, we could have a infant at Quarterback running the offense and we'd still put up more points then your team.

Indianapolis Colts "If you think Peyton Manning is good now, wait until he stops playing in his sleep"

Jacksonville Jaguars "Doesn't matter if our Quarterback can't read, Maurice Jones-Drew is really fast and that equals 6 wins alone"

Kansas City Chiefs "Having a QB faster then Larry Johnson entails our spot in the playoffs"

Miami Dolphins "The wildcat offense is better then your team's base offense. "

Minnesota Vikings "Adrian Peterson will have 1,500 yards rushing this season...against NFC North opponents"

New England Patriots "Perfect season, only we'll be 19-0 this time considering our camera men get paid more then 75% of the players in the league"

New Orleans Saints "Drew Brees is going to break Dan Marino's single-season passing record with no-name WR's and be instantly added into the Hall of Fame."

New York Giants "Now that Derrick Ward is gone, Brandon Jacobs will run for 2,000 yards and topple over 2 high-rise buildings"

New York Jets "Eric Mangenius was a mangina, with a Quarterback who wasn't born in the mesozoic era, we'll win our division easily.

Oakland Raiders "Nnamdi Asomougha could get pressure on the QB and make an interception on the same play. Best. Of. All.Time."

Philadelphia Eagles "We have better receivers and running backs than you do.  His name is Brian Westbrook."

Pittsburgh Steelers "We won the Super Bowl and therefore will automatically win next season's Super Bowl"

San Diego Chargers "With Gates and LT, the only defense that's good enough to stop us is San Diego's.

San Francisco 49ers "Michael Crabtree will wear #80 this season"

Seattle Seahawks "Now that our training staff has played the board game operation, our team will stay healthy and return to the playoffs"

St.Louis Rams "Now that Jackson is healthy, the greatest show on turf shall return in 2009-2010"

Tampa Bay Buccaneers "Antonio Bryant throwing the ball to himself is the NFC South's worst nightmare. Oh yeah, cadillac is out of the shop"

Tennessee Titans "Kerry Collins is good, and if we put Vince Young at Running Back with Chris Johnson, we'll be unstoppable.

Washington Redskins "Jason Campbell just needs time to develop, he'll come into his own with time"

Now that we've brought attention to some of the material homers may bring up, you are now better conditioned to refute these statements with logic.

But be warned: this list only provides one of thousands of comebacks they will use to prove their right.

Homers may be lurking around waiting to bestow their knowledge of football upon you. Be on the look out.


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