Peyton Manning Deserved Unanimous Selection for 2013-14 NFL MVP Award

David DanielsSenior Writer IFebruary 3, 2014

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) walks off the field after an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, in Denver. The Broncos won 49-27. Manning threw a record-tying seven touchdown passes — something no one had done in 44 years. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)
Joe Mahoney/Associated Press

Anyone who failed to vote for Peyton Manning to win the 2013-12 NFL MVP Award is logically deficient.

Manning recorded 55 touchdown passes and 5,477 passing yards in 2013, both regular-season records, and propelled the Denver Broncos to become the highest-scoring team in league history. Tom Bradywho received the one vote that kept Manning's award from being unanimous, according to the Denver Post's Mike Klisfinished with statistics that paled in comparison, throwing 4,353 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Of course, Sirius XM NFL Radio's Jim Miller, a former NFL QB, and fans who considered Brady the most valuable player in the league this year know that. Miller explained his vote to the Denver Post.

It pains me because Peyton had such a historic season. He is the offensive player of the year, no question. But having played the position, when I looked at who had the most value to his team, I thought Tom Brady carried that team the same way Adrian Peterson carried Minnesota last year.

Ben Margot/Associated Press

And the same way Nick Foles carried the Philadelphia Eagles this year? Philly started the season with a record of 1-3. Then Chip Kelly took the reins from Michael Vick and handed them to Foles.

Then Foles led the Eagles to nine wins over the final 12 weeks of the season and an NFC East title. He finished with a 119.2 passer rating, compared to Brady's 87.3, and 27 touchdown passes, two more than Brady's total despite Foles starting five fewer games.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press

And the same way Jamaal Charles carried the Kansas City Chiefs this year?

Kansas City, which finished at 11-5, accumulated 5,396 yards from scrimmage and 41 touchdowns this season. And 1,980 of those yards and 19 of those touchdowns were Charles'. That equates to him—a halfback—making up 36.7 percent of the Chiefs' yards and 46.3 percent of their touchdowns by himself.

The greatest weakness of the do-more-with-less argument for MVP is the downplaying of the do-more half of the argument. While Manning had more talent around him, he still accomplished what no passer in league history had ever done in 2013. Brady once had Randy Moss and a younger Wes Welker out wide, and even in his most impressive statistical campaign, he could not match Manning's numbers.

Joe Mahoney/Associated Press/Associated Press

This is perhaps why Brady himself talked MVP voter Tom Curran of SportsNet out of voting for him.

I voted for Peyton Manning for MVP. Strongly considered vote for Tom Brady but was talked out of it - or into Manning - by ... Tom Brady.

— Tom E. Curran (@tomecurran) February 2, 2014

Manning's critics will point out his poor Super Bowl performance—one touchdown, two interceptions and a passer rating of 73.5—as an argument that he shouldn't have won MVP. However, Denver's collapse being a direct result of Manning's nightmare only proved how valuable he was to the Broncos' Super Bowl run—a run Brady missed experiencing this year because Manning outperformed him in the AFC Championship.


David Daniels is a breaking news writer at Bleacher Report and news editor at Wade-O Radio.