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  14. How important is Jamaal Charles (knee) to KC? Since 2012, he's accounted for 30.8 pct of Chiefs' offense, 2nd only to Matt Forte with Bears.

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  35. You will be happy to know the Chiefs won the Madden game 14-9 over Vikings here. But they still had Jamaal Charles in lineup so . . .

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  40. Chiefs Jamaal Charles took full responsibility for the late fumble: "I caused us the loss today ... It's all on me tonight."

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  46. Jamaal Charles had accounted for 37 pct of the #Chiefs' touchdowns since Sept. '14. Club's gone without one now for last 4.5 quarters. #NFL

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  54. Even though Maclin passed #NFL concussion protocol, #Chiefs 1-5 and without @jcharles25, Reid and Burkholder protected player. Builds trust

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  57. #SmallButPowerful since Port Arthur. Congrats @jcharles25 on having your jersey retired!: https://t.co/VsspBzbbD8 https://t.co/dP5ISxEs30

  58. With Jamaal Charles, #Chiefs were 1-3. With undrafted Charcandrick West they're 3-2. West: Jamaal taught me to be more patient as a runner."

  59. Did you know Lamar Miller's 5.1 yards per rush average over the last two seasons is the best in the NFL? Jamaal Charles at 5.04 is 2nd.

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