The Showdown: "Pee," The Drink of a Champion! (Humor)

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJune 7, 2009

(Ladies and Gentlemen, the pee craze is back for one last time!)

NOTE: If you are new to the "Pee" craze here are the first two articles so you can catch up.

Urine: In man and other mammals, the yellowish fluid waste produced by the kidneys.

But who knew this natural waste that we give out on an daily basis could hold such of a power to fuel a champion.

Machida has dominated in the octagon, and has powered to the top of the ranks to claim the highly regarded UFC Light Heavyweight Title.

Machida did not only do this by training hard and sticking with a unique game plan, but by drinking his own urine as an every day routine, as he treats it like medicine.

He stated in an interview that he was embarrassed to reveal this unique training/diet routine.

"My father does that for a long time and bring it to us. People think it’s a joke (laughs). I never said it in the United States because I don’t know how the fans will react (laughs). I drink my urine every morning like a natural medicine.” Said, Machida on posted on

Well I think no one is laughing now. Okay, well they still are, but now you have an title to make up for that, I guess.

After his favorable TKO victory win over talented Rashad Evans, Machida not only celebrated his win but was able to share some interesting news.

PRESS CONFRENCE: Machida stated with in an interview with ESPN he has signed an exclusive deal with Powerade. "Yes I am not only pleased to have this belt, but I would also like to share that Powerade and I have come to terms to an exclusive deal. I will produce my own official "URINE" drink!",

Reporter: "So you will be selling your urine?"

Machida: "Yes, it is a drink of a CHAMPION, so why not have a little me in you! (laughs), Oh yes I would also like to share that "Pee, The Drink of a CHAMPION", will be the slogan!"

Reporter: "So you will just distribute your urine?" "Will there be any artificial flavoring?"

Machida: "Yes there will be a variety of flavors, we are still in discussion about that. So I will not go into detail at this time!

But the powerade scientist have figured an exact formula to replicate my urine, so no I will not be urinating in every bottle (laughs) that's a lot of pee!

Reporter: "What will be the name of the product?"

Machida: "Well we have chatted about a variety of names one we are considering is Peenergy, also another one is MachidUrine, but no final picks have been made just yet."

After hearing about the all the chatter behind Machida being the newly crowned champion and all the hype behind this new drink I had to once again bring him into THE SHOWDOWN!


Tyler: Welcome Machida once again to The Showdown! I bet you are feeling sky high right now huh?

Machida: Yes, yes I am Tyler and its great to be back.

Tyler: Going into the fight, you were established as the favorite win.

Did you feel any pressure?

Machida: No I didn't because like Popeye has spinach, I had my urine to back me up!

Tyler: (laughs) That's great to hear. So now that you are champion it looks like you will be going toe to toe with Mauricio Rua.

Machida: Yes I cant wait to battle him it will be an war!

Tyler: I can't wait as well, I am truly hyped up for that.

Machida: Yes and I will not disappoint!

Tyler: Now let's talk about this new craze "Pee-Mainia". So you recently signed a deal to distribute your pee.

How did this come about?

Machida: Well after being on your show powerade found interest and decided that once I claimed the prize (Belt), that it would be a great idea to make a deal to sell my pee!

My pee will be the drink of CHAMPIONS! Hear me ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR (laughs)!

Tyler: (laughs) Now you were asked about flavors in an recent press conference. You could not release the details on that information just yet.

Are you able to inform the fans today?

Machida: Yes, I can well first my personal favorite is the lemon it has a real zing to it. There is also an grape, strawberry, watermelon, and fruit punch flavors as well.

Tyler: (Scratches head) Mmmmmm sounds great and delicious!

Will there be colors or will it just be clear or yellow (laughs)?

Machida: There will be red, blue, and even golden yellow that will be the plain flavor.

Tyler: How do you plan on promoting this?

Machida: Well we have a commercial planned. The commercial will have a hard day of training and what better way to quench your thirst and hydrate by grabbing a big bottle of my formulated Pee Mmmmm!

After I take an drink I will say the name of the product and say "The Drink of a CHAMPION"!

Machida- Also I have recorded a track with Lil Wayne, he say's he tries anything so he really enjoy's my product sample.

Tyler- You're rapping now?

Machida: Yes I got on the hook of the track and spit a little flow I make em say uuuuuuh da na na (laughs).

But basically Lil Wayne seen the last The Showdown were I sang Pee, pee the more you drink the much more stronger you will be and he liked it.

So that will be the hook of the song and he is on the track as well. The song will be called........

"Take a sip of my PEE"!

Tyler: Can you spit a couple bars (lines) of your half of the song?

Machida- Yes yes I can, I will give a little sample!

UUUUUUH pee, pee the more you drink maybe you can be strong like me strawberry to lemon/ I got different flavors feel it up and take a sip/ Someday you could get a belt like this/ These other fighters want to get like me but I knock them out and just un zip/ That ain't the taste of defeat that's the taste of my piss!

Machida: That was a little sample. I can bring you a copy when it is complete.

Tyler: Yes I would like to hear it.

Machida: Speaking of samples, what flavor would you like to try?

Tyler: Um, Um, Um

Machida: I would appreciate it, and also were I'm from it's an insult if someone offers you something and you decline!

Tyler: Well I'll try the lemon. (I take a sip, and have a sour lemon face look), Yum that is some great stuff right there I feel like a Champ already (laughs).

(Machida drinks the rest)

Machida: Yeah I feel like the Hulk Aah (laughs) that is the warrior pee chant. Go ahead and do it with me!

(Machida and I begin the warrior pee chant)


Tyler: That was interesting!

What will the name of the product be?

Machida- Yes I would like the fans of The Showdown to make that decision as the willl vote for the name.







Tyler: Sounds great I will start a poll right away. Looks like were out of time I want to thank you for stopping by once again.

Machida: Thank you and I hope I can be here again. I will send you that copy and an unlimited supply of my drink.

Tyler: Thanks Machida (Scratches head once again) (laughs)!


Thank you to all who read this article please comment leave feed back, it will be much appreciated.


Tyler Williams


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