The Showdown: UFC 98 Evans Vs Machida—Who Will Be Champion?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 25, 2009

Bruce Buffer—


"Five rounds in the UFC Light heavyweight Division for the UFC Light heavyweight Title of the World",

"Introducing first (Bruce 180)"

"In the red corner, this man is a Karate Professionlist fighting with the record of 14 wins and zero loses, standing in at 6'1", weighing in at 205 pounds, fighting out of Belem, Brazil."


Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida

"Now fighting out of the blue corner",

"This man is a Mix Martial Artist with the record of 18 wins, zero loses and 1 draw, standing at 5'11", weighing in at 205 pounds, and fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico."


"Your Light heavyweight Champion of the WORLD",

"Sugar" Rashad Evans

Joe Rogan— Man I cant wait for this bout to begin, this is about to be a war.

Mike Goldberg— You got that right Joe, the atmosphere in this crowd is electric.

The two warriors meet in the middle of the octagon with an intense stare down, neither of them blink, they touch gloves and go back to there corners.

After getting the cue from the ref, both man rage to the middle of the Octagon to rage war.

Mike Goldberg- HERE WE GO!

Yes it will be a war, when both man meet in the Octagon at UFC 98, May 23.

Evans nor Machida have a loss on their well-respected records, so something has to give and on the night of May 23, one will rise as champ while the other falls with a loss on their record.

Both these fighters have yet to been truly tested, especially Machida's Karate tactics, which no fighter has come close to understanding. And is a reason why he's a 14-0 warrior.

You cant deny that Machida is for real, after seeing the huge KO win over Thiago Silva. There is no doubt he deserves a title shot. Silva was not the only one to fall to Machida's run to the title, names like Ortiz and Sokoudjou have felt the burn from the "Dragon".

But wait don't prepare to wrap the light heavyweight title on your waist just yet Machida, as the newly crowd champ has some deadly weapons of his own. Just ask Chuck Liddell.

Rashad Evans, just like Machida, brings a unique fighting style that sometimes frustrates fighters, which leads to victory for Evans.

Evans went through a long journey from TUF 2,  rising to the top of the light heavyweight division after beating TUF 1 Forrest Griffin. After the knockout heard around the world, Evans was finally recognized as a legit contender of the belt and he did not disappoint.

With this battle two months away I decided to start the debate who will walk out champion at UFC 98 so let The Showdown begin.

To heat up the fight even more, I sat down with the two warriors who are preparing to fight for the UFC Light heavyweight title.


Tyler— Even though we have a couple of events before your highly anticipated bout, I decided to let the debate begin and see who fans think will reign supreme.

So I have brought you and Rashad here to state your case and tell us fans why you think you will walk out as champion. I have a few questions to ask both of you, so let's get started.

Tyler— Okay this question is for Rashad, after Rampage Jackson's victory over your training partner Keith "The Mean of Dean" Jardine, you decided to come into the Octagon and go face-to-face with Jackson. My question is was this suppose to be a statement or did you just want to get under Jackson's skin?

Evans—Yes, but before I answer your question, I would like to thank you for having me on The Showdown.

Well, yeah, my main goal was to let Jackson know I am not backing down and that his lights are going to be turned off if he were to step in the Octagon and fight me.

Lol, he said black-on-black crime is going to happen. Ha.

Oh wait, hold on. Sorry, how rude, this will just take a second.

(Evans answers the phone).

Yeah sorry about that Tyler, but my mom just called, and Jackson: My mama said knock you out, which I plan on doing. But right now my eyes are on Machida, and I am very excited about this fight.

Tyler— Great answer Evans, it looks like Jackson is not the only funny man in the UFC.

Well, Machida after Jackson was sideline due to injuries and it was reported that you will be facing Rashad, what was the first thought running throught your head?

Machida— Like Rashad I am also pleased to be here on The Showdown thanks for having me. I have lots of things going through my head. First is how lucky I am to be fighting for title. I didn't want to have Jackson injured, but due to that result, I have the opportunity to win the belt in May instead of later in the summer.

Tyler— Okay now that we have Jackson all talked out about now lets get to the main focus that is the main event of UFC 98, which is expected to be a huge bout between you two warriors.

So since both of you bring unique styles to fight, how do you plan on preparing for one another?

Evans— I working hard, my team has picked out fighters who have a fighting style like Machida which is karate based. My day is based on this fight I make sure I am eating and drinking so I have the right fuel to beat Machida and I am even dreaming of getting my hand raised.

Machida—I am preparing like I do for every fight which has worked out very well for me. I do a lot of my family traditions as I train with them and with these tools I have no doubt that I will come out with a victory after UFC 98.

Evans—Yeah I heard about your traditions Lyoto. I hope drinking your own pee has the same affect as spinach does to pop eye because your going to need everything you got to beat me. 

So drink it up, drink up as much you need, just brush your teeth before you step in to fight me. That's probably how you won all your fights pee breath. Lol.

Machida— True Evans that is one of my family's traditions and we believe it helps us and it worked this long so why quit now.

My father does that for a long time and bring it to us. People think it’s a joke (laughs). I never said it in the United States because I don’t know how the fans will react (laughs). I drink my urine every morning like a natural medicine.

Tyler— Well that is a very interesting note lol, but how do each of you see the fight going?

Machida— I think, wait, I know that I am the better fighter. I have all the skills to capture the belt from Rashad and achieve my goal—to be champ.

I see the fight being very fast paced, but the fight will end with submission in the third round, with me having my hand raised.

Evans—You have to be kidding me. Are you seriously joking? I hope you are joking. That is not going to go down on May 23. On that night, I plan on leaving the same way I came in— with my belt.

Machida you better grab your pillow and watch for this mean right hook because I am going to grab a book and put your BLEEP to sleep. It don't matter what round just know your going to sleep.

Machida— I hope you have that same intensity because what I have for you, I don't think you can handle and trust me if it comes down to it don't think you wont be going to sleep either.

Remember Rashad I did something you couldn't do— I beat Tito, how does that one draw feel on your record. Mine is clean.

Evans— I didn't know hide-and-seek was counted as winning in the UFC. I remember you running all around the Octagon. You might call it defending the take down, but you just look like a big sissy dragon.

Machida— Look who's talking before you laid that hook on Liddell I can remember someone backing all over the cage and than you got lucky, yes lucky.

Evans— (Laughs) None of that matters, just know I plan on having this belt for a long time and I mean a long time. Before I ever think about giving up this belt, everybody will remember MY achievements. I succeeded with this belt. The first memorable moment is when I dirty up your record and turn that zero into a one.

Machida— I am glad that your really confident as so am I, but it will be the other way around. I came to the UFC to be champion and I am going to achieve that goal at UFC 98.

Tyler— It was great having you two on The Showdown, and I cant wait for the huge main event at UFC 98.


Second Interview

Tyler— After hearing the words of Rashad Evans, the one and only Rampage Jackson called me up and wanted to speak on his half.

Welcome Rampage so you are joining me today on The Showdown to respond to Evans statement that he made about you.

Rampage— Yeah thanks for having me T, but this will be a short interview as I don't have too many words for that stank breath boy.

Well when he came in after my fight, I guess he grew some and decided to say he's going to KTFO (laughs).

I am glad he has that swagger to him and confidence because when it come's time for me getting my belt back—I am not playing around.

If Machida wins the same goes for him, but I hope Evans wins so we can see who really going to knock who out.

Oh yeah, Rashad, I love how your mom fuels you up like that for a fight. I love it. Bring her to ring side because her little baby boy going to get knocked out!


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