LeBron James Would Love to Score 60 Points, Not Sure If He Could

Zach Buckley@@ZachBuckleyNBANational NBA Featured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2014

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LeBron James has four NBA MVP awards, two championship rings, a pair of Olympic gold medals and even a scoring title (2007-08) under his belt.

What he doesn't have, though, is a 60-point game.

While he's seen some of his biggest competitors put up mind-boggling numbers (a New York Knicks franchise-record 62 points for Carmelo Anthony, nine straight games with 30-plus points for Kevin Durant), the King's mind has started to wander.

Maybe his resume could use one of those jaw-dropping scoring efforts on it. Per Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post:

Of course, his career accomplishments aren't exactly lacking for gaudy point totals as it is. James has poured in at least 50 points nine different times, although only one of those eruptions came after his move to Miami in 2010.

That migration was fueled by a desire to start, then build, his championship jewelry collection. It was not meant to pad his individual stats—in fact, it figured to have the opposite effect.

James doesn't have to do things on his own. His stat sheets reflect that help:

James also said he might lose interest in his numbers by the time he cleared the 50-point mark, via Michael Wallace of ESPN:

Funny, since Anthony's eruption had him hoping for as many points as possible:

Then again, there's a big difference between cheering for a big night and gunning for one on your own. As much as James would like to entertain thoughts of the latter, he's too smart to do anything more than the former.

Anthony and Durant might be bombarding the box scores, but James is the one filling the trophy case. It's almost a given he could put up as many points as he wants, and he uses that explosive potential to his advantage. He demands as much defensive attention as any player in the league, then uses his elite-level vision and passing to punish teams for focusing on him.

Not to mention what he'd add in volume, he'd sacrifice in efficiency:

Between the hardware, the shooting lines and the unwavering respect from the hoops world, James has more than enough to compensate for the absence of a 60-point performance.

But he can still dream about having one of these big nights of his own. Even if he knows it's never coming.