Raider Nation: No Need to Give the Haters What They Want

Rob CalongeAnalyst IApril 22, 2008

You've all seen it. A perfectly good discussion amongst members of Raider Nation. As the banter starts to get good, the post of some lonely hater breaks up the topic of conversation.

It happens far too often to bother counting, but if I had a dollar for every time I've seen it, I wouldn't have a bill to worry about again. How many times I've been called a convict, pedophile, idiot, etc..., I can't really tell you. It's been quite a bit.

What's the point haters? I guess you are so filled with jealousy of my team that you can't seem to control yourself. I guess I should be honored that you find my team and myself so important in your life that you would waste part of yours to call me a loser or defame my team.

Is it really that bad hater? Is your life so empty that you have nothing better to do with your Saturday nights? Really? Maybe I shouldn't feel honored so much as I should pity your poor life.

You really must explain to me what it is that urges you so to jump on my message boards to tell me I'm a loser. What is it about you that makes you think, "Oh yeah! I'm gonna' go call those Raiders fans losers!"

Is it genetic? Really, is that what it is. Do you have a few branches in your family tree that DON'T branch out? Do some parts of your family just stop existing because it would be against the law to procreate? Ah, since you wouldn't understand that, what I'm asking is: Do you have family members that have married their brothers or sisters? You see, a yes would start to explain some things.

Is it that you didn't get enough nurturing? Be honest, does your mother have any children that she likes? Are there any children in your family that your father actually claims?

My guess is that the owners of your team of choice would be pretty embarrassed to call you their fan. You see, a real fan isn't a fan AGAINST another team. A real fan is a fan FOR their own team.

Well, I better get going. Lights out on cell block D, but you already knew that right?

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