What Should the Washington Redskins Do with Kirk Cousins?

Dilan AmesCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2013

The Redskins organization has some important decisions to make in terms of Kirk Cousins and RG3.
The Redskins organization has some important decisions to make in terms of Kirk Cousins and RG3.Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

The Washington Redskins struck gold twice in the same draft when they selected both Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins in 2012. RG3 has obviously shown that he's a dangerous asset, and Cousins has also proven to be a quality starter. Although we've only seen a small sampling of what Cousins can do, he's definitely shown flashes of being a good player in this league.

So, what should the Redskins do with him?

There are many options, but only a few truly make sense. Some are calling for Cousins to take the place of RG3 for the rest of the season since Washington is officially out of playoff contention. This would allow Griffin III to rest up more and get ready for next season, but frankly that could do more damage to Bob's development than it would help.

At the same time, you don't want him to keep taking the hits he's been taking, increasing the risk of sustaining another serious injury. What would make most sense for the Redskins as of right now is to play like they have no current plans of moving Cousins in an effort to entice quarterback-needy teams to inquire about him.

With top quarterback prospects like Oregon's Marcus Mariota electing to stay in school another year, Cousins' value as trade bait will soar.

There are several teams near the top of the draft that are desperate for a franchise quarterback, and Cousins could fill that role. This especially makes sense for Washington because they are once again without a first-round pick due to the blockbuster trade they made with the St. Louis Rams, which allowed them to move up and draft RG3 in the first place.

The team is teetering on being in a state of turmoil, and adding a couple of high draft picks would be of great help. Even if no team in the first round bites on a trade for Cousins, they could easily trade him for a second-rounder, which would still benefit them greatly. Gaining an additional second-round pick is undoubtedly the next-best thing to getting a first.

Whether the Redskins choose to let go of Mike Shanahan or not, it is clear that improvements need to be made all around the roster, and adding some young talent in the draft would be a great way to do that.