Peyton Manning Regretfully Declines Fans' Wedding Invitation, Signs Their Card

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterDecember 3, 2013

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“Want to invite Peyton Manning to our wedding just to see what would happen?”

This is the wild idea that struck a couple of football fans, according to an image that recently surfaced on Reddit (via John Ferensen of Next Impulse Sports).

Redditor LackadaisicalRomp posted a picture of a wedding invitation that appears to be signed by the Denver Broncos quarterback. The image was posted along with an explanation that the Redditor's sister had sent Manning the invite.

Image via Reddit

Going out on a limb, we'll assume that "Anna" and "James" are recently engaged Broncos fans who had a wild notion while sending out wedding invites and decided to fire one off to their favorite quarterback/pizza baron.

Unfortunately for Anna and James, Manning declined the invite. Still, the fact that Manning actually responded—with what appears to be a personal signature, no less—is remarkable in its own right.

Superstars like Manning must receive letters by the freight car. They don’t have time to respond to all of their fans. However, perhaps some wily personal assistant managed to sift this piece out of the bunker of fan mail piling up in Manning's storage shed and bring it to his attention.

These fans chucked up a Hail Mary, and while they didn’t end up with Manning and a “plus-52 guests” response, they did receive one of the more uniquely personal autographs in recent memory.

Also, nowhere in Manning's response did he mention that he was too busy for a bachelor party.

Personally, I’d take a Peyton Manning-sponsored bachelor party any day. The sheer amounts of silver chains, dough-throwing and 3 a.m. pizza are too good to pass up.


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