Madden 2010 Introduces Online Co-Op Mode

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

Have you ever wanted to team up with a friend from across the country and play together online in Madden? Your prayers have been answered.

It was announced on GameTrailers TV on SpikeTV that Madden 2010 would include online co-op mode. Check tomorrow for the trailer in HD.

I am personally very excited to play online co-op with my friends and run the wildcat offense. Expect to see the wildcat offense ran to perfection.

Many fans in the madden community have been calling for online co-operative play for years. It has been introduced in other titles and even made it's way into EA Sports titles. 2010 is the year that you'll be able to play with your buddies online.

From the description, it sounds like it's being tailored for 2-vs-2 play. Getting a 11-on-11 game seems out of the question considering the lag in online games.

EA didn't go into details on the mode outside of the general introduction of it. It would seem ideal to have a 3-on-3 or 4-on-4. It could be 2-vs-CPU only but more light on the mode should come in the near future announcing how many users it can support and the options of the mode.

Online Co-Op mode isn't groundbreaking since it's been introduced in many other sports titles. It is the first time in the Madden series and already fans are very excited. There are talks of a 2-on-2 league on VSN's forum.

EA Sports is planning on revealing some larger news at their press conference on Monday at E3. There is a lot of speculation as to what the news is going to be. It has been stated that it regards to online play.

Many people in the madden community believe that it is going to be online franchise mode. NCAA Football 2009 successfully implemented Online Dynasty which was very popular so it seems as if online franchise mode is the choice for this "big news regarding online play".

If it isn't online franchise mode, what could it possibly be? My guess is that it could be online spectator mode. This would be very big for players who want to watch other gamers play Madden. This would be groundbreaking for leagues and people who want to watch highly ranked players.

That's all for now Madden fans, we'll report back on Monday after EA reveals the bigger news for online mode after their press conference.


Rush - VSN Writer