Hate To Say It Giant Fans...

Konrad KrawczykContributor IMay 28, 2009

but Donovan McNabb is probably a better QB than Eli Manning.

There, I said it.

The angry mob shouts "Off with his head!" 

"He's a witch! Burnnn himmmm!" a member of the group cries out

Richard Simmons says "Work on his thighs, girls!"

... :: cough ::

But wait wait! Allow me to make an intelligent (humour me here) case (...or die trying...) for what I'm arguing. This is by no means a hate-fest directed towards Eli Manning. We won a Super Bowl with him and I'll be forever grateful for that.

This is more about giving McNabb the props that he deserves but rarely gets. He's the frontman of the band we all love to hate. He's like a combination of Axl Rose and Margaret Thatcher.  But I'm also trying to forge an identity as a sports journalist thats unbiased, guided by common sense while once a while can enlightening others. So hear me out people.

Aside from 2004, ever since Manning came into the league he's had somebody to work with that McNabb hasn't. You know who I'm talking about; Plaxico Burress.

Meanwhile, as the Eagles were going to one NFC title game after another in the early part of this decade, who did McNabb have to work with? Todd Pinkston and James Thrash.

"Who!?" cried the angry mob..

That's right. Todd Pinkston and James Thrash. The same James Thrash that stopped running a route in a game against the Giants some time ago because he didn't want to get hit over the middle (If memory serves correctly..this is when Thrash was a member of the Redskins).

For years the Eagles were the "Almost but Not Quite Team" of this division. They would make it far but not far enough, and it was largely in part due to the playmaking abilities of one Donovan McNabb.

So I ask you my fellow blue faithfull; how do you think Manning's career numbers would look if you took away Burress over the past four years and replaced him with Pinkston and Thrash? Honestly. This isn't about team allegiances here, this is about being intelligent fans. Because that's whats most important in this world, intelligence and common sense over fanaticism and blind faith...although some may disagree...

Yes McNabb cooked up a McBarf Sandwich during the Super Bowl while T.O. was running around on a leg that had been broken months earlier. Also note that McNabb finally got over the NFC title game hump once the Eagles gave him a quality receiver to work with as opposed to the junk that's been plopped onto his laps before and since T.O. arrived and left. (although DeSean Jackson has looked decent and Jeremy Maclin is one to keep an eye on)

So all I ask is that my fellow Giant fans give some credit to the people on the other side of the fence and their field general. He deserves it and come on..it has to be easier to do considering the Eagles haven't won the big game like the Giants have.

....and let the wrath of the angry mob begin casting stones upon me... :: sigh ::