The NFL Network's Lack of Detroit Lions Coverage

Seattle Lion FanAnalyst IIMay 28, 2009

The Detroit Lions are a member of the National Football League and have been for nearly 79 years if you start with the Portsmouth Lions joining the NFL in 1930 and yet, the NFL Network chooses to ignore their history.

I subscribe to the NFL Network for one reason:  They have On-Demand replays of all games after Mondays.  It allows me to get a 10 minute recap of how the Lions are looking.

The NFL Network, as well as just about any other network that covers the NFL, including ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC, shows only the most popular teams during pre-game and post game shows.  I agree with the concept that no one wants to watch an entire game of a team that sucks.  But it seems to me that all of the major networks seem to think fans of teams actually live in their respective cities. 

Or, if a fan does have to move to a different city that happens to have an NFL team, the allegiance will shift as well.

Tell me, anyone that has had to move out of Pittsburgh, Dallas and yes, even Detroit in that situation, do you stop rooting for your hometown team? 

The NFL Network claims that it is the 24-hour football network.  I am drawn to their shows showing past games from all eras like a moth to a flame.  As a fan of the game, I eat this stuff up.  Seeing the great Charger-Dolphin playoff game from 1981 known as The Epic in Miami.  Watching the Dallas-San Francisco playoff game, also in 1981, where the legend of Joe Montana began with his pass to Dwight Clark to eliminate the favored Dallas Cowboys.

There have been other great games shown as well...the Ice Bowl, the Fog Bowl and the Greatest Game Ever Played, the 1958 NFL Championship game between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants.

But as the NFL Network shows these games, I am hard-pressed to see any "great games" the Lions have played in from any era.  And this was a team that won 3 championships in the 1950's.  Don't tell me there isn't any film on them since the NFL has been on television since the 1930's.

The Lions have participated in some great games.  There were several memorable Thanksgiving Day games such as the1962 win over the Packers 26-14.  The Mud Bowl against the Eagles in 1968 where prior to kickoff, Eagles kicker Sam Backer made sure the ball was covered with mud.  There was the 1970 win over the Raiders who were pulling miracle wins week after week.

A personal favorite is the November 17, 1999 win over the eventual Super Bowl Champs, the St. Louis Rams.  In that game, Lions QB Gus Ferrotte completed a fourth down and forever pass to clinch a 31-27 win giving the Rams one of their three losses that year.

I'm sure that it sounds like I am tilting at windmills but for a network that claims it gives all teams pretty much the same coverage, it just doesn't seem true to me.  Yes, they do give adequate information regarding games during the season...and when they have some of those "Top Ten" shows, they highlight some of the great players that we've had...but there is little shown about some of the great games they played in.

Fair is fair NFL up to your name.