Texas A&M vs. LSU: 10 Things We Learned in Tigers' Win

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIINovember 24, 2013

Texas A&M vs. LSU: 10 Things We Learned in Tigers' Win

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    A heartbeat emerged on the defensive side of the football for the LSU Tigers, as the Tigers held the Texas A&M Aggies to 10 points.

    Johnny Manziel, aka the man who was gunning for a second Heisman, threw one touchdown and two interceptions, as LSU put a 34-10 whooping on its SEC West rival.

    Obviously Manziel's performance cost him the Heisman, which is undoubtedly the biggest story of the game.

    But what did we learn about the Tigers in their best performance of the season? Take a gander inside.

LSU Is Manziel's Kryptonite

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    Superman was in the house at Death Valley, but I think he forgot his cape.

    Yes, Manziel is one of the best college football players of all time. And yes, every great player meets his match every once in a while.

    Manziel met his in the form of purple and gold. For the second consecutive season, the Tigers hammered down on Manziel and became the first team to defeat Manziel at home. Alas, the road warrior falls.

    In his career against LSU, Manziel has a 48 completion percentage, one touchdown and five interceptions. Manziel could never beat the Tigers.

Rashard Robinson Can Hold Down Mike Evans

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    The most popular man in the LSU locker room following the game was Rashard Robinson.

    Media members awaited the arrival of LSU's true freshman cornerback. I'm not going to lie—when he walked in the room, some squeals might have occurred.

    The reason being is because Robinson limited Mike Evans to a 51-yard receiving game and played absolutely brilliant.

    He played physical against one of the best in college football, and he even picked off the great Manziel. Indeed, this youngster might bring DBU back to LSU.

John Chavis Is Going to Hunt

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    Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

    "Pin those ears back and get after the quarterback."

    My old high school coach's words could easily sum of LSU's plan of attack against Texas A&M.

    Defensive coordinator John Chavis presented a savvy defense that kept Johnny Football uncomfortable for most of the game.

    The pressure caused by his defense led to Manziel rushing for only 34 yards in the first half. Most of Texas A&M's 198 first-half yards came from busted coverage assignments, as most of the two quarters were dominated by LSU's "mustang" package and four-man fronts.


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    I get it.

    It's cold. It's rainy. It's downright miserable weather for southern folk. Still, this is LSU vs. Texas A&M, and one of the greatest college football players ever was greeted to a not-so-hostile Death Valley.

    Before the game, I visited a few tailgates, and to my surprise, I ran into just as many Texas A&M fans as LSU fans in prime locations.

    By game time, thousands of empty seats remained unfilled. It's sad that LSU fans can't show up in bad conditions when the Tigers host a Top 15 opponent. Since when did a potential 10-win season become so uncelebrated?

A Beautiful Game Plan Dethroned the Aggies

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    As Hannibal from the movie A-Team would say, "You have to love when a plan comes together."

    Run the ball effectively. Chew away the clock. Keep Manziel on the sidelines.

    With 324 rushing yards and over 40 minutes with possession, the LSU Tigers witnessed their team execute the game plan to perfection. 

    Defensively, the LSU coaching staff couldn't have asked for a better showing.

Tradition Matters

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    Tradition matters...to the players, that is.

    While LSU might have directed its "tradition matters" theme toward fans with hopes of less cursing by the student section (yeah, that worked out real well), the theme at least inspired this LSU squad. 

    Like the defenses of old, LSU played fast, physical and punished the Aggies with disguised coverages and several blitzes.

    And for the first time all season, Tiger Stadium had a roar similar to previous years. Even if it was only for a quarter or two, it was still refreshing to hear.

D.J. Welter Has Guts

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    Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

    Every LSU fan should give D.J. Welter props.

    This poor guy has been through the ringer. Each and every week he's served as the scapegoat for a struggling LSU defense.

    Heck, he's often been a main topic for my "10 things we learned" columns. And this week, he is once more. However, it's for a different reason.

    Welter provided six tackles and was always in position to stop Manziel or force him toward another LSU defender. Welter balled hard against A&M.

Terrence Magee Is the Man You Never See Coming... Consistently

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    How does this always happen?

    Just when you start getting all googly-eyed at Jeremy Hill's abilities, Terrence Magee comes out of nowhere and becomes the topic of conversation.

    Magee has three 100-yard games in 2013, and his latest came against an Aggies team that most fans felt would push LSU's offense to score a lot of points. But then LSU's defense showed up.

    That defense, however, was well-rested due to some slick cuts and powerful running by Magee, who finished the game with 149 rushing yards.

Landry and Beckham Are the Greatest LSU Wide Receiver Duo Ever

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    Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

    Numbers don't lie.

    Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry became the only LSU wide receiver tandem to eclipse 1,000 receiving yards in the same season, when Landry caught a 40-yard touchdown pass from Zach Mettenberger in the second quarter.

    Beckham has been more explosive receiver, who is dangerous with the ball after the catch, while Landry has displayed sure hands and a physical presence all season long. 

    For two friends who said they'd rather see the other hold more receiving yards at the end of the season, it's fun to watch their unselfish play blossom into something truly special.

Tigers Are Better Than Their Ranking

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    The sky is blue.

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious that the Tigers are better than their No. 22 BCS ranking...now.

    At the beginning of the week, I wrote a column stating why LSU was better than its ranking, and I was greeted with criticism for my opinions.

    Well, with a dominant showing against one of the most elusive college football players in college football history, I believe LSU's play spoke louder than my words.