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  5. I'm puzzled why anybody would ever think Johnny Manziel will ever figure anything out. #cluelesss

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  22. #Browns Joe Thomas on Pettine benching Manziel: "It's probably more than what you see on the surface or on TMZ. We support coach's decision'

  23. #Browns LT Joe Thomas said it's not like we're ready to shut the door on Johnny Manziel, hopefully he learns from it

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  32. Now on @Browns_Daily on @ESPNCleveland , we check in with @DanWetzel for his thoughts on the #Browns and the future of Johnny Manziel.

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  61. #Browns HC Mike Pettine: there's no personal rift between Johnny Manziel and I. Nobody will be more proud when he does turn corner than me.

  62. #Browns HC Mike Pettine said he thinks Johnny Manziel left the team for the bye with clear understanding he was on a zero-tolerance policy

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  69. #Browns HC Mike Pettine said Johnny Manziel took the news as you'd expect: disappointed.

  70. #Browns HC Mike Pettine said we certainly hope Johnny Manziel hasn't played his last game with the team. He's made progress.

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  73. #Browns HC Mike Pettine said this is a heavy dose of adversity, we'll see how Johnny Manziel responds. Said he was surprised by video

  74. #Browns HC Mike Pettine said he feels decision to bench Johnny Manziel is absolutely necessary to maximize his chances for future success.