Domination Over the NFL: The Story of the 2007 New England Patriots

Tony CatinellaContributor IMay 28, 2009

They broke records.  They outscored opponents by 40 points. They showed fans that domination can occur in professional sports.  They were victorious under pressure and on national television.  But they also proved that perfection is impossible.   The NFL has never seen a team like the 2007 New England Patriots and that is why they are my all-time favorite team.

 We all know the story: The 2007 Patriots were unbeaten entering the Super Bowl and then were defeated by the New York Giants and dethroned of their undefeated record in the game that matters most.

It is what these Patriots accomplished in the regular season that makes them my favorite team.  They had the perfect roster.  Tom Brady was an MVP Quarterback with three super bowl rings.

Randy Moss was acquired in an offseason trade and needed 2007 as a bounce-back season to prove he was still one of the elite receivers in the league.  Wes Welker was a quick, underrated receiver who caught more passes than anyone in the league that year. 

The defense was made up of veterans Junior Seau, Mike Vrabel, and Teddy Bruschi; tough guys such as Rodney Harrison, Adalius Thomas, and Richard Seymour; and arguably the best corner-back in the league, Asante Samuel.    There were no holes in this team and it showed.

During the regular season, the Patriots won every single game including six match-ups against playoff teams. They did not just defeat opponents, they destroyed them. They beat-up on teams so badly that they were criticized for running-up the score.  

They defeated Washington (a team that advanced to the playoffs that year) by a score of 52-7.  They smoked division rival Buffalo Bills 56-10.  They proved to the league that this was the best team in the NFL.

The 2007 Patriots even overcame adversity. After being found videotaping play-calls in Week One against the Jets, spectators, players, and most of the league labeled Coach Belichick and the Patriots as “cheaters.” 

But the Patriots quickly made everyone forget about “Spy-Gate,” when they showed up on Sunday Night Football a week later and crushed the San Diego Chargers 38-14, never dwelling on accusations.

After watching the 2007 Patriots, scoring never looked easier.  The 2007 Patriots scored more touchdowns than any team in NFL history and Tom Brady and Randy Moss tore apart NFL defenses as each member of the duo broke NFL records.

In the very last game of the regular season, Brady threw two touchdown passes; his second touchdown was his 50th, breaking Peyton Manning's 2004 record of 49. The pass was also Randy Moss' 23rd touchdown catch of the season, breaking Jerry Rice's record of 22 in a season.

The 2007 Patriots reached the Super Bowl as the only 18-0 team in NFL history, but fell short of an undefeated season when they were upset by the New York Giants on a last minute touchdown, shocking the world.

The incomplete quest for the Super Bowl title never stopped me from praising that historic 2007 New England team.  The ‘07 Patriots may have not have attained a Lombardi Trophy that year, but they did what no team could ever accomplish in a salary cap and free agent era; they dominated the NFL.