Video Surfaces of Celtics Coach Brad Stevens Balling out in High School

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He started as a baller, developed into a shot-caller and now Brad Stevens is head coach of the Celtics.

Stevens' meteoric rise from college coaching savant to leader of an NBA team has been well-documented. What’s lesser known, however, is the fact that the Celtics head coach could ball back in his day.

Baxter Holmes of The Boston Globe (h/t NESN recently put together a profile on Stevens, which included video from his high school playing days.

It shows Stevens working his magic as a standout guard for Zionsville High School in Boone County, Indiana. The footage illustrates the young man’s dead-eye shooting and preternatural sense of court awareness.

Better still is the fact that the footage all comes from a single game—a sectional championship game against Lebanon High during Stevens' senior year. Stevens recalls the game as “his best time in high school,” and based on the video, it’s easy to see why.

Stevens caught fire against Lebanon, scoring his team’s first 13 points and making difficult clutch shots in the paint and on the baseline. He also shows off some of his famous hustle by flying back on defense and swatting a layup into the stands. 

Zionsville went on to win the game, and Stevens was named MVP of the tournament, having scored 97 points over the course of three games.

It was just another week in the life for the boy wonder, who wins games no matter who he’s playing.

While the rebuilding may be tough the first year or so, Boston fans, your team will catch fire sooner or later. 

And they’re going to get buckets.


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