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Rondo: We're Not Showing Pride

By Stephen Babb (Photo: USA Today)

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    What Makes Stevens So Effective for BOS?

    by John Wilmes

    CHICAGO—The Boston Celtics locker room is a bleak place these days. It's host to a team designed to lose, and Celtics players in 2014 are wont to drift from winning programs and float in the mal... Read More »

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    Stevens Gets 1st-Ever Ejection

    by Joe Flynn

    Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens may be the youngest coach in the NBA (let's face it; he looks younger than half his players), but this kitten has claws! Stevens was ... Read More »

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    Stevens Can't Be Assessed Yet

    by Michael Pina

    It’s hard judging an NBA head coach who only has a few talented players to direct. The easiest analogy is a master chef whose meals are awful because his only available ingredients are rotten... Read More »

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    Stevens: We're Not Very Good

    by David Murphy

    The Boston Celtics were shelled on Tuesday night by the New York Knicks , 114-88 . After, Celtics coach Brad Stevens was ready for a little truth talk... Read More »

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    How Are Rondo, Stevens Getting Along?

    by Michael Pina

    Rajon Rondo and Brad Stevens are currently the two most recognizable Boston Celtics . Both are intelligent, admired and perfectly capable of getting better at their respective crafts... Read More »