If-Win, If-Loss For The Oakland Raiders Schedule, Pt. 4

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2009

TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 28: Running back Michael Bush #29 of the Oakland Raiders rushes upfield against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on December 28, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

                Game 4: @ Houston Texans

                If a win:

The Texans (what kind of name is that ?!?) total for 86 yards. They also scored a touchdown and field goal positioning on a 73 yard run.

Matt Schaub collects 117 yards on 12 out of 23 passing. He also had a Touchdown, but caused three turnovers including interceptions thrown to Chris Johnson and Mike Mitchell.

Jamarcus Russell almost perfect, as he goes 17 out of 20 attempts for a total of 155 passing yards, and 28 yards rushing. He scored 2 TDs to Z. Miller and C. Schillens.

Justin Fargas: 34 yards on 11 carries, got injured in the first minute of the 4th and final quarter. Michael Bush had the only Rushing TD for Oakland, as well as 121 yards. D-MAC only got 24 yards off of 9 carries.

Shane’s only boot is a 66 Yarder, and that makes it a good day. Sebass goes 3-0 on PATS, and 1-0 on a field goal (51 yards.)

        Raiders 24, Texans 17

        If a loss:

The Texans pick up 123 rushing yards and three rushing Touchdowns. Oakland never found a way to stop Houstons’ Running attack, which severely hurt the Raiders. Matt Schaub also scrambled for 24 yards.

Matt Schaub: 15 out of 19 passing attempts for 124 yards and a TD, and an interception to Michael Huff.

        JR: 18 out of 26 for 169 yards plus an INT. and a TD. To Javon Walker.

Justin Fargas grabs 88 yards and two touchdowns. Michael Bush got 44 yards, and Darren McFadden got 78 yards to total for 210 rushing yards from the Oakland Raiders.

        Seabass: 3-0 on PATs, 2-0 on Field Goals.

        Raiders 27, Texans 28

        Game 5: @ Giants

        If a win:

Brandon Jacobs is surprisingly stopped by the Oakland D, as he only gets 56 yards on 17 carries, one Touchdown. G. Warren had a monster game recording 5 tackles (3 behind the line of scrimmage) and a sack.

Eli Manning could not avoid the very common blitzes that the Silver and Black threw at him. Off of 23 attempts, he completed 11 passes and threw a TD, and two interceptions to Mike Mitchell and Derrick Burgess (Terdell Sands batted the ball away).

Jamarcus Russell has an okay day, but nothing better. He misfired several passes which caused him to have these stats: 14 out of 21 for 107 yards, no TDs, and a pic.

Justin Fargas gets 34 yards. Michael Bush gets 132, and McFadden picks-up 111 yards. Oakland totaled for 4 rushing TDs.

Lechler kicks one time again, and that was 52 yards from the line. Sebastion Janakowski makes all his PATs (surprise, surprise) and doesn’t get a chance at a field goal, though he would’ve had an easy one if not for one of JR’s pix.

        Raiders 28, Giants 23

        If a Loss:

Brandon Jacobs: 107 yards on 23 carries, and two touchdowns, burning the Raiders’ Defense.L

Eli Manning does not get pressured as much as he should’ve been. As a result, the following numbers were recorded:  18 out of 22 for 167 yards and two TDs, no turnovers.

Mr. Russell went 17 for 23, with the Raiders focusing on their 3 people Rushing attack. Jamarcus had 121 yards and a Touchdown…and an interception.

Darren McFadden has 72 yards, Michael Bush has 42 yards, and Justin Fargas has 33. But somehow, the Raiders come away with 0 rushing TDs.

        Janakowski makes 2 of his 3 field goal attempts.

        Raiders 13, Giants 31