FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends: Player Ratings from 42-31 for Xbox Only Items

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2013

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends: Player Ratings from 42-31 for Xbox Only Items

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    EA Sports has released the first set of player ratings for FIFA 14's Ultimate Team Legends, as found here.

    These items are only available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, per Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer. As expected, even the lowest-rated legends are amongst the best players on the game and are likely to set gamers back a huge sum.

    Of course, you could always find one in a pack.

    Which names are amongst the first to be detailed? Read on to find out.

42. Sol Campbell

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Sol Campbell kicks off the rundown of legends with a rating that should instill fear into the eyes of opposing forwards.

    He's an all-around centre-back, blessed with decent pace, stunning heading abilities and impressive strength.

    Similar Rating: Vincent Kompany

41. Teddy Sheringham

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Teddy Sheringham's H/L work rates ensure the striker's craftiness will be replicated in FIFA 14 to its fullest extent.

    The Englishman was the kind of player who could create something from nothing, his excellent vision topping an impressive list of attributes. Shame there's no Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to pair him with.

    Similar Rating to: Mario Gomez

40. Freddie Ljungberg

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    The second former Arsenal addition to make it into FIFA 14, Freddie Ljungberg's effectiveness on the ball will provide many teams with extra zest.

    He also gives Zlatan Ibrahimovic a Swedish partner to work in front, a worrying thought indeed.

    Similar Rating: Mario Gotze

39. Gary Neville

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Former Manchester United and current Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville is all set to improve English defences.

    His M/H work rates ensure he will be one of the busiest players on the pitch. He will maraud forward and has the ability to deliver pinpoint crosses, but defensive duties come first.

    Just don't initiate the "kiss the badge" celebration.

    Similar Rating: Philipp Lahm

38. Frank De Boer

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Frank De Boer wasn't the quickest of players, but that hardly matters when your defensive stats average out at 87.

    Destined to be one of the cheaper Legendary items due to his lack of pace, the Dutchman will play the pitbull role perfectly.

    Similar Rating: Nemanja Vidic

37. Robbie Fowler

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    It's a shame Michael Owen has retired, as linking the BT Sport commentator alongside former teammate Robbie Fowler would be a dream come true for Liverpool fans.

    Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge could also fit in. Fowler boasts terrific all-around stats and will be immensely dangerous from in and around the box.

    Similar Rating: Luis Suarez

36. Stefan Effenberg

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Built like a wall with decent pace and excellent ball skills, Stefan Effenberg will be an absolute monster when he's released.

    Utilising the German in an attacking midfield/centre-forward role is the way to go. His M/H work rates ensure he will also drop back to defend when things get tough.

    Similar Rating: Edinson Cavani

35. Filippo Inzaghi

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Filippo Inzaghi has the potential to thrive on FIFA 14.

    As we shall see, AC Milan legends are represented throughout, ensuring there's a huge possibility for generation-spanning teams or interesting Serie A concoctions. Expect Inzaghi's finishing to be ridiculous.

    Similar Rating: Giampaolo Pazzini

34. Oliver Bierhoff

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Another huge German to get excited about, Oliver Bierhoff's heading competes with the best on the game. He doesn't need extreme pace to excel.

    Expect the 6'3" behemoth to be in the area every time you pile a cross into the box.

    Similar Rating: Radamel Falcao

33. Paulo Futre

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Another player with 93-rated dribbling gets the mouth salivating.

    Paulo Futre should be acquired by those who love to play 4-3-3 formations. He isn't going to track back from the left wing, but playing through balls towards his position will provide the Portuguese legend an opportunity to cause havoc.

    Similar Rating: Inform Neymar

32. Hernan Crespo

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.


    Liverpool fans might want to turn away now. The brilliant duo can be completed with Hernan, the Argentinian powerhouse who has it all.

    Pace, power, finishing ability from all situations. Fear him.

    Similar Rating: Karim Benzema

31. Pauleta

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    To round off the first batch of ratings, Pauleta drops in with an exciting overall rating of 87.

    Like many on this list, the Portuguese striker is blessed across the board. Imagine playing Paulo Futre or Cristiano Ronaldo in line with the former Paris Saint-Germain striker.

    Similar Rating: Sergio Aguero