Why the Oakland Raiders Should Trade Derrick Burgess for Vince Wilfork

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IMay 23, 2009

(This is a submission as part of my application for CBS Correspondent)

The buzz is that the New England Patriots are interested in acquiring DE Derrick Burgess from the Raiders for a draft-pick in 2010.

After the fact that New England fleeced the Raiders in the Randy Moss trade (and that's sugar coating the real word)—I say, the Raiders must get true fair-value.

For a two-time ProBowler who led the league in sacks—a draft pick is not fair-value.

A player like DT Vince Wilfork would be fair-value.

Think about it. 

Derrick Burgess is easily one of the five best players in the league at his position.  Just as Vince Wilfork is easily one of the five best players in the league at his position.

Player-for-player trades while uncommon in the NFL have still occured.  The Washington 'Skins for instance sent CB Champ Bailey to the Denver Broncos for RB Clinton Portis several years ago in a true player-for-player trade.

Wilfork is a former ProBowler and in a contract year.  The Patriots selected DT Ron Brace in the draft as the potential replacement for Wilfork.

Derrick Burgess is also a former ProBowler in a contract year.  The Raiders selected DE Matt Shaughnessy in the draft as a potential replacement for Burgess.

The Patriots would get their rusher and the Raiders would get their run stopper on a one year basis—and can tag that player before free-agency if they need to.

The Raiders cannot allow the "rich to get richer" as they did by giving them Randy Moss by giving Derrick Burgess to them for magic beans.  Unless, the Patriots are willing to trade DT Ron Brace.

Remember back in elementary school when you traded cards with kids and refused to trade a single for someone's double?  This is the same principle.  If the Patriots want a premiere rusher, then they have to trade a premiere run stopper.

The point is ... either Wilfork, Brace or nothing.  I'd be content if the Raiders keep Burgess for the year, because the Raiders need on-field talent in 2009, not draft picks.

I'm not sure there's much else to say about that other than: What do you think, Raider Nation?

FYI, I don't trust Michael Lombardi.  Lombardi is the one who pulled the trigger on the trade of Randy Moss, not Al Davis.