EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistOctober 19, 2013

EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

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    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Let's blame the international break for this week's slightly late addition to our Goals of the Week column. Nobody likes the international break.

    This week's offering is made up of a catastrophic mistake, some hilarious skills, an audacious bicycle kick and a goal from one player who exchanged Tottenham for Real Madrid.

    Last week's efforts can be found right here. Now, read on and enjoy!

Sweeper Keeper Goes Wrong

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    YouTube User: SubSweatyGamersHD

    Rushing your keeper off his line has become a decent way of defending against through balls on FIFA 14. Unfortunately, if your timing isn't precise or your opponent remains composed, there's usually a way to get around the sprinting stopper.

    Or, sometimes, the goalkeeper has no intent on saving the ball.

    As we can see here, an innocuous pass from is fired from the halfway line and toward the edge of the area. While the keeper is under slight pressure to clear, his decision to crumble into a heap of nothingness allows the lofted ball to bounce into his goal.

    While not the best goal in terms of skill, it highlights why you need to be careful when rushing your No. 1 from his position.


Silky Skills and No Frills

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    YouTube User: TomLFCGamer

    The insistence some players have on skill moves is enough to frustrate, especially when they are uncontested and clearly feel like Ronaldinho in his prime.

    Using skill moves in the correct situation is where the genius comes in. As you can see in this video, sheer cockiness can actually be rather funny in FIFA 14, especially when it is finished off with a brilliant half volley from a tight angle.

    I feel like I should hate this goal, but it's just too silly.

Who Needs to Watch the Ball?

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    YouTube User: SmilingAssassinxD

    Bicycle kicks are a common occurrence in FIFA 14, so it takes a remarkable one to really ignite the imagination. On the surface, this finish from Isco is nothing out of the ordinary.

    Now take a look at how the Real Madrid starlet adjusts his body. Originally watching the ball as it's crossed in, the Spaniard quickly turns his back and launches a bicycle kick without keeping his eye on the pass.

    A truly brilliant effort.

The Man Who Joined Real Madrid from Tottenham

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    YouTube User: Jean Pierre Salguero

    No, not that man. The other one.

    Forget Gareth Bale, Luka Modric can score screamers as well. In this clip, the tiny Croatian latches onto a bouncing clearance with a memorable half volley. Paolo Di Canio would be proud of this effort as it zooms toward the top corner.

    Although this video is of poor quality, there's no denying the goal more than makes up for any blurriness.


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