EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2013

EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

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    Following on from last week's efforts, the second round of top FIFA 14 goals have arrived.

    Searching through YouTube's archives to uncover the most outrageous strikes, this week's offering highlights the importance of practicing your long shot techniques.

    From world-class volleys to Rene Higuita tributes, it's clear many gamers are getting used to EA Canada's recently released title.

    Read on to see the best uploaded goals from the past seven days.

Oscar Delivers with a 1st Class Postage Stamp

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    YouTube User: Sauuk

    Just like his majestic goal against Juventus in last season's Champions League, this video shows Oscar swiping the ball into the net's postage stamp area.

    The Brazilian maestro gets the ball away from his feet, gives himself a chance to prepare his stride and then fires into the top corner.

    A simple goal, but one that underlines how important it is to quickly close down when playing FIFA 14.

Gareth Bale Overcomes Muscle Fatigue

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    YouTube User: Mr Shuffle

    Gareth Bale is a footballer—you may have forgotten that. Away from his big-money moves and the Spanish sun, he's actually pretty good at kicking a ball.

    Well, when he isn't suffering with muscle fatigue, as reported by The Telegraph.

    Latching onto a finely placed through ball, the Welshman loops home a fantastic volley in this video. The height of his shot ensures the goalkeeper has no chance of reaching, and underlines how rival teams can be caught by surprise in this year's title.

"How Is He Scoring Them!?"

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    YouTube User: MR3kooz

    The commentary says it all in this video.

    A pair of young English boys witness two long-ranged goals from just in front of the halfway line. Flabbergasted by what they've just seen, the duo confusingly suggest their opposition is glitching.

    While these claims could be true, it appears the goalscorer understands how to utilise FIFA 14's "Pure Shot" physics.

Rene Higuita, This Is for You

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    YouTube User: Batuhan Cakir

    Apologies for the poor production values in this one, but that is the world of YouTube.

    Once the camera holds steady and the goal is played, there's no doubt a certain Rene Higuita would be proud of the action. Colombia's scorpion kick king entertained fans all over the world with his ridiculous skills and decision-making, something this FIFA 14 player appears to have learned from.

    If only this user could hold the camera still.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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    YouTube User: TheMilkyGamer

    Sometimes a goalkeeper's dive can improve the quality of a goal.

    If the No.1 doesn't move, it looks unbelievably slick. If he dives further than any man has ever done before, but still misses the ball, it appears unstoppable.

    This ambitious strike has no right to beat the keeper, but as ever with FIFA 14, a twist of the ball gives the attacker an advantage. His powerful effort swivels toward the net, leaving the man in goal to receive a face full of snow.

    Think you can do better? Leave your goals for the next week in the comments section, or be sure to send them my way on Twitter: