EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

Nick Akerman@NakermanFeatured ColumnistOctober 1, 2013

EA Sports FIFA 14: Top Goals of the Last Week

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    Image courtesy of EA Sports.
    Image courtesy of EA Sports.

    Scoring a stunning goal in FIFA 14 is one of life's little pleasures.

    In Bleacher Report's new roundup, we'll be bringing you the best goalscoring successes on a weekly basis. We're looking for goals of individual quality, skill, cheekiness and, of course, craziness.

    This week's selection combines the aforementioned attributes to produce a list that will excite, inspire, and, at one point, make you want to weep.

    Let's get started.

Riccardo Montolivo Tackles...and Scores!

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    YouTube User: SmoshBloopers HD

    A fantastic goal to kick things off. Riccardo Montolivo is often outlined as an all-round midfielder, equally capable of halting the opposition and blasting the ball into the top corner.

    In this video, he does both.

    Brilliant anticipation is shown to slide for possession, especially as Andres Iniesta tries to knock it past his position. With Barcelona's defenders closing down space, a cheeky shot is launched from well outside the area.

    You know the result.

'Pure Shot' and 'Real Ball Physics' Make the Difference

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    YouTube User: BGottz

    Much has been made about FIFA 14's "Pure Shot" and "Real Ball Physics." In this video, we can see the updated systems in effect.

    After the defending team appears to have cleared danger with a glanced header away from the box, an onrushing midfielder quickly ensures the delicate touch wasn't enough. With one swift pang of his left foot, the goalkeeper is left with no chance.

    Pay attention to the ball's movement. Last year, this type of precision wasn't possible.

David Silva's Two-Touch Volley

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    YouTube User: OHL FIFA

    David Silva possesses 91-rated ball control and volleys rated at 80 on FIFA 14, as reported by FUThead.

    Although hugely impressive numbers, this special goal underlines the brilliance of a player who has the ability to win matches on his own, both for Manchester City and in the game.

    All it takes is a simple corner.

    Played to Silva on the edge of the opposition's area, a right-footed touch sets the ball high, while a left-footed volley rattles a goal in off the crossbar. It's an unstoppable goal, made all the more impressive by a techno soundtrack.

Which Team Is the Goalkeeper Playing For?

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    YouTube User: TOTALHD93

    This list has included far too many moments of individual brilliance so far.

    Just like the real sport, FIFA 14 has a tendency to create situations that baffle. In this clip, one goalkeeper highlights the danger of chasing down possession in the rain.

    After watching the ball trickle just to the left of his goal, this stopper makes the decision to grab the dome with his hands.

    Unfortunately, he slips.

    Seconds later, a mini bicycle kick sees the goalkeeper pass the ball directly along his line and toward an incoming forward.

    Needless to say, an open goal can't save the No. 1's blushes.


Toward the Sky!

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    YouTube User: TheGamingBrainHD

    Long shots are certainly more difficult to score this year, but sometimes the goalkeeper's reactive save can give you a huge opportunity to net.

    Although the man between the sticks does well to halt a powerful strike in this video, he is unable to clear the danger away from his area. In fact, the ball lands exactly where it started after a quick visit to the stratosphere.

    Making the most of their chance, the opposition fumble in a silly goal.

The Xavi Shuffle

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    YouTube User: Eana Marin

    Away from the realms of the ridiculous, this video highlights the importance of movement and body position in FIFA 14.

    Xavi has never been the quickest player, but the Spanish maestro's ability to sort his feet makes all the difference here. His long shot is taken quickly and manages to catch the opposition off guard.

    A bouncing ball gives the Barcelona man the perfect opportunity to swipe toward goal with his right foot, producing a smart and surprisingly technical finish.

Outfox in the Box

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    YouTube User: Javier Alonso Santos

    Let's finish this week's selection with a piece of skill.

    Storming towards the opposition's box from the right wing, this player's double showing of trickery results in an unstoppable drive toward the top corner. Watch him outfox defenders who pay attention to his body movement and fail to follow the ball.

    It's majestic stuff, but can you do any better?

    Feel free to send your goals @Nakerman on Twitter and check back next week for another roundup of action from the past seven days.