TNA Impact Wrestling: Complete Preview, Rumors, News and More for October 17

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 16, 2013

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TNA’s biggest pay-per-view Bound for Glory is Sunday, and this Thursday’s broadcast of Impact Wrestling will be the go-home edition of the show.

The main event for Bound for Glory is already set—wrestling fans have known that AJ Styles would challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Bully Ray since the No. 1 contender won the BFG Series—but no other match has achieved adequate build.

With only one week until the PPV, it’s now or never for Impact Wrestling.

TNA officials must understand the need to get the people to care about Bound for Glory, and the mission to get casual fans to buy the event while still appeasing the hardcore fans will result in one of the wildest episodes in years.

Forget logic and reason; let’s shift the BFG build into overdrive!


Where: Cox Business Center Arena, Tulsa, Okla.

When: Thursday, Oct. 17, 9 p.m. ET (Pre-taped)

Watch: Spike TV


Final Countdown to Bound For Glory

After months of anticipation for TNA’s equivalent of WrestleMania, this week’s Impact Wrestling will be the last chance to put the finishing touches on the card. With several marquee stars getting thrown into random storylines over the last two weeks in order to force them on the card, company officials must build realistic storylines this week that gets people to care enough to purchase the PPV. This will be an extremely difficult task that TNA has proven in the past it has a hard time accomplishing.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Why Doesn’t Dixie Carter Cut More Promos?

TNA president Dixie Carter has taken on the role as the heel leader of the company, and she has set her sights on stopping Styles from winning the championship. Not only has Carter lost Hulk Hogan after he quit, but her promos against the WWE and the former owners of Impact Wrestling also make her legitimately one of the most interesting characters in the TNA right now.


Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 Non-Gauntlet Gauntlet Matches

Carter has teased having a big surprise for Styles one week prior to his TNA title match, per, and it will undoubtedly be what the company calls a gauntlet match. With Styles already hurting from the chain attack at the hands of Bully Ray the week prior, there is no better way to make the No. 1 contender look strong than by allowing him to beat several mid-card wrestlers in a row.

While it is unclear if it will be a true gauntlet match—TNA does not know what that term means and throws it around at every non-singles match—Styles will be booked to look strong heading into BFG. At least the company will get that right.


TNA Rumors: Hulk Hogan Re-Signs with Impact, per F4WOnline via Wrestling Inc.


Building the Undercard

The fans have known since the No Surrender edition of Impact Wrestling that the main event for BFG would be Bully Ray vs. Styles for the world title, but the rest of the undercard has been built poorly over the last two weeks. TNA should have been building to matches like Sting vs. Magnus for at least a month to allow a story to be told and the fans to build a vested interest in the angle, but every aspect of this year’s Bound for Glory has been rushed.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Will TNA Salvage BFG with a Great Impact Wrestling?

There is no arguing that TNA has the talent on the roster to put together great shows, but the porous booking has once again doomed the PPV before it ever started. With no match besides the main event (four weeks) having more than two full weeks of focus on television before coming to fruition at BFG, the fans are having a hard time buying into the event. The undercard matches on the show will feature great wrestling, but the appeal of the card will not draw enough fans in for it to matter.


Hype Meter: 1 out of 5 Match Shoehorns

With three hours of time to fill on the card, expect TNA to shoehorn another match or two onto the card on this week's Impact. It is hard enough to buy a last-second addition to the card for a secondary show, but when it is done on the biggest PPV of the year for the company, the fans have no reason to support the potential bout. Thursday’s Impact better be the best episode of the year and get fans really talking, or this Sunday’s Bound for Glory will be the worst in the history of the company.


TNA News: Ratings Take a Serious Dive Again, per PW Torch.


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