Chip Kelly Offense: What the Players Are Saying About Eagles' Attack

Chris TrapassoAnalyst ISeptember 10, 2013

The Philadelphia Eagles offense sizzled to kick off the 2013 Monday Night Football season, and their 53-play, 322-yard, 26-point first half showed everyone how frighteningly efficient Chip Kelly's attack can be.

In the postgame press conference, Kelly said, "I had a lot of fun tonight."


If Kelly continues to "have fun" this season, expect the shredding of many defenses on the Eagles' schedule.

After all, Philadelphia ran more plays than Washington had passing yards going into halftime. 

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had an effective evening, completing 15 of 25 attempts for 203 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. He also carried the ball nine times for 54 yards and a score. 

He had this to say following the 33-27 win:

Philadelphia did slow down its offense in the third quarter due to its large lead, but as Vick mentioned, there could be games in which the Eagles will have to "press for four quarters."

The Eagles ran 77 plays on Monday night; would "pressing for four quarters" lead to 90 or even 100 plays from scrimmage?

Those play totals don't seem out of question after watching Kelly's hyper-speed offense execute against Mike Shanahan's squad in Week 1.

In one of the most striking comments from Vick's presser, he said, "I don't think it can get much faster than that." He added, "When the first quarter was over, I thought we were about to go into halftime. It was unreal."

LeSean McCoy carried the ball 31 times for 181 yards and had this 34-yard touchdown that seemed to be controlled by a joystick in Kelly's hands on the sideline:

Incredible, right?

Here's what the former All-Pro running back had to say his team's fast-paced attack, via Yahoo! Sports:

You can definitely know when the defense is tired, as when they're going down, you're hiking the ball. So, that tempo really worked. I don't think anybody has seen it that fast.

McCoy's praise of Kelly's offense didn't end there, per a USA Today article by Jim Corbett:

It was tons of fun. The thing is I feel like the type of players we have, we have so much speed, quickness -- even the quarterback is an athlete. There's so much room and so much space to make plays. ... So many different players to make plays in this type of offense.

DeSean Jackson, a guy rarely timid when speaking to the media, chimed in as well following his seven-catch, 104-yard, one-touchdown performance.

Via USA Today, the veteran wideout said: 

In the past couple of years, teams were trying to take me away deep. A lot of my catches were underneath. We're glad to come out here Monday night and show the whole world what we're about and how fast our tempo is. The sky's the limit.

Even center Jason Kelce commented on the tempo, saying via, "That was the first time I've used oxygen since college. It wears on you, but I think it wears on the defense a lot more." 

The Philadelphia Eagles sent a message to the rest of the NFL on Monday evening: They're going to play fast—super fast—and with Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson, they have the offensive talent to accumulate yards and points in a hurry.

Think Chip Kelly passed his first test as a professional head coach?