Indianapolis Colts' Most Intriguing Preseason Stats So Far

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIAugust 16, 2013

Indianapolis Colts' Most Intriguing Preseason Stats So Far

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    They say that the numbers never lie, and that could be the case for the Indianapolis Colts with one preseason game down and just a few days remaining in training camp.

    The Colts played their first preseason game last Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, and it certainly wasn't very pretty.  They lost 44-20 and the backups seemed to struggle mightily.

    Sure, it's hard to come up with a bunch of interesting stats from just one preseason game, but there are other places we can come up with some numbers that aren't exactly related to the team's loss to the Bills.

    So whether it's total yards, points, number of injuries or stats about a particular owner's tweets, we have you covered.  Let's get started.


181: Number of Kick Return Yards Allowed

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    Although 181 yards may not sound like a lot, it becomes a big concern when the Bills gained those 181 yards on just three kick returns.

    That's an average of 60.3 yards per return.

    Marquise Goodwin dominated the return game on just two attempts.  He nearly took his first the attempt all the way to the end zone, but was tripped up for just a 53-yard return.  Shortly after, he took a kickoff from the back of the end zone to the house for a 107-yard touchdown.

    This certainly wasn't the best way for special teams coach Tom McMahon to make a first impression, especially after Jim Irsay told Ryan Grigson that he expected special teams to improve.

    Speaking of Irsay, that brings us to our next interesting statistic.

576: Approximate Grammatical Errors in Jim Irsay's Twitter Rant

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    I'm not an English major or anything, but I'm pretty sure that there were a plethora of misspellings and grammatical errors in the recent Twitter rant by Colts owner Jim Irsay.

    Irsay recently went on for a few tweets discussing the matter of overpriced preseason tickets for season ticket holders.  You can read the tweets here, here and here.

    So 576 may not be the exact number of errors in those tweets, but it certainly feels like it.  Maybe he will hold a contest for who guesses the correct number, with Abby's Hatpick for ties! 

    I'm only joking.  I'm personally a fan of Irsay and the things he does around the community.  He's a popular owner around Indianapolis and has done a great job with the organization.

    And as a plus, at least he used the correct form of "your".

8: Number of New Starters on First Team Depth Chart

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    The Colts may have had one of the busiest offseasons in the NFL, bringing in a number of new faces through free agency, trades and the NFL draft.

    Based off of the first released depth chart  (h/t Stampede Blue), a number of new faces will be starting Week 1 against the Oakland Raiders.

    According to this depth chart, the Colts have eight potential new starters.  They are Donald Thomas, Gosder Cherilus, Stanley Havili, Aubrayo Franklin, Ricky Jean Francois, Erik Walden, Greg Toler and LaRon Landry.

    That's quite a lot of new faces, especially on defense.

    Add Khaled Holmes and Hugh Thornton as two potential rookies that could start and this team could look much different than it did in 2012.


1: Number of People That Didn't Like Robert Mathis' Spin Move

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    If you haven't seen this spin move yet, prepare to be amazed.

    During training camp, the defensive line and offensive line were doing one-on-one drills against each other.  Robert Mathis went up against Anthony Castonzo and pulled off one of the most ridiculous spin moves I've ever seen on him.

    You can watch this amazing spin move here thanks to; the spin move occurs around the 2:00 mark.  Perhaps the second-best part of this clip is Cory Redding going crazy with the water to cool Mathis off.

    Oh, and the one person that didn't like the spin?  That would be Castonzo.

3: Remaining Preseason Games

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    Yes, the first preseason game was quite ugly, but there are three more for this team to show that they really aren't as sloppy as the looked last Sunday.

    Besides, these preseason games aren't usually a good indicator for a team's success in the regular season.  Remember all of those preseasons where the Colts went 0-4?  That seemed to turn out alright for this team.

    Remember that these remaining games aren't for the starters.  These are for the guys fighting for roster spots, and some have already shined at camp and against the Bills.  Look for guys like Caesar Rayford, Griff Whalen and Justice Cunningham to continue to prove themselves throughout the next few weeks.

    The regular season is just a few weeks away, and the roster will have to be cut to 53 by 6 p.m. on Aug. 31.  We will see who makes it and who is looking for a job in September.