Expensive Toys of Professional Athletes

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Expensive Toys of Professional Athletes

Everyone knows that most professional athletes make very good money in the prime of their respective careers. They get paid millions of dollars to do a job that they love—a job that most of us would do for free—and the adoration of throngs of fans is just an added bonus.

The fact of the matter is these guys are spoiled—plain and simple. They only work a few months a year and are treated like royalty everywhere they go. They get to work outdoors, travel frequently and enjoy first-class accommodations along the way.

If things are that great when you're at work, it's no wonder that at some point coming home and watching Duck Dynasty reruns on a modestly-sized television loses its luster. Time away from your job is supposed to be better than time at your job, otherwise everything is out of whack.

Now, if you hate your job with the burning intensity of 1,000 suns, pretty much any post-work activity is going to be a glorious respite from the grind. If wearing a beard of bees sounds more appealing than a day at the office, then you don't need a bunch of expensive toys to come home to.

Athletes, on the other hand, do. The better the job, the better the toys need to be. The more money an athlete makes, the more lavish the toys need to be. The longer the career, the bigger the collection needs to be to keep his home life satisfying.

That's just science. Now let's take a look at some of these badass toys already!

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