A Quick Note to Oakland Raider Fans

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IApril 10, 2008

When I checked the most popular articles today, I was not surprised to see that all of them, every single one of the top six, were regarding the Oakland Raiders.

Why wasn't I surprised?

Dave Nemetz explained to all of us why there are so many Oakland Raider fans hanging around Bleacher Report. He says that even though there are fewer Raider articles on the site, they get linked to from "a whole host of other Raider sites and forums."

I hold nothing against Oakland fans for that. In fact, I congratulate them on a job well done.

I just wish that they could write better comments.

Have you ever seen the heap of "anonymous" comments that wreak havoc on any and every article that even mentions the Raiders?

Let's take a look at a few that caught my eye (it was hard to filter out the endless profanity):

"When we start a new era I just want you to whole heartily to admit you don't know crap about the raiders, I will go out with my head high because win or lose we are the greatest dynasty in the national football league."

"The Raiders don't deserve to be called a nation???? they are THE nation... yeah that’s about how far I was able to read before getting mad"

"You wanted to get the nation angry? We are always angry! I wish you could look at me, I'm you daddy!"

"Hey YO I have news for you. The Raider NATION was the first, yea we're down, but all you busters copied us"


My note to these Oakland Raider fans is very simple:

First of all, make sure your comment makes sense! It does NOT help the Raider Nation when flamers and bashers post comments like those above.

If you want to help "further the Raider Nation,” please don't write (or type) like a second grader. Not only is it extremely hard to read, but it gives football fans a horrible image of Oakland Raider fans.

I will be the first to admit, when I think of Raider fans, the first thing that comes to my head are pictures like that above. I think of crazy people who dress in black in 75-degree weather, and I think of people who cannot type correctly for the life of them.

Please do your part to clean up the image of Oakland Raider fans worldwide.