15 Athletes Who Love to Cause Drama

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 25, 2013

15 Athletes Who Love to Cause Drama

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    While it's great to be treated to a dramatic ending in a sports game, one thing I absolutely can't stand are when the athletes themselves turn into full-fledged drama queens.

    With big paychecks, a sense of entitlement and fans wherever they go, I can see how it can become a bad habit though.

    Middle-school girls like drama. Your ex-girlfriend usually causes drama. But you get the point—I really dislike drama.

    Unfortunately, these are the athletes who just can't stay away from stirring it up.

Chris Johnson

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    Here's a little word of advice to current Titans running back, Chris Johnson—just shut up already!

    Most fans know that CJ became famous for his 2,000-plus yard season in 2009, but since that, he's been just an average runner at best.

    That hasn't stopped him from creating an unrealistic rivalry between he and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who is without a doubt the best back in the game.

    Never too shy to boast about his speed, Johnson is now planning to race a damn cheetah on national TV.

    Please do something before putting all this attention on yourself man!

Miguel Montero

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    Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero might not have the same stardom as the other guys you'll find on this list, but rest assured, he loves to create controversy.

    Mentioned in my piece on the "Biggest Jerk Athletes Who Aren't Even That Good," Montero will say and do anything to get under an opposing player's skin.

    As one of the biggest tools in baseball today, I can only imagine what will spew out of his mouth next.

Colin Kaepernick

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    Whether it's controversy about the amount of tattoos he has or rocking an opposing team's lid, Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been finding his way into the news lately.

    As one of the best dual-threat players in the NFL, Kaepernick became the talk of the league by leading his squad to the Super Bowl after taking the starting reins halfway through last season.

    He doesn't necessarily put all this on himself, but at just 25 years old and being new to the superstar scene, I'm guessing he isn't just going to stomp it either.

Tyler Seguin

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    Though he's super talented, the new Stars center is considered to be a risk thanks to some of his drama that he carries with him.

    The former No. 2 overall pick and Stanley Cup champ has recently made headlines thanks to a few tweets that popped up on his account, as well as for throwing a party on the Cape the day he was traded by the Bruins.

    Whether it was a supposed hacker or just a question of maturity, Tyler Seguin is having to explain himself to his new employer already.

Dwight Howard

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    Is having new Rockets center Dwight Howard this far up on my list wrong?

    Maybe, but I think all sports fans expect Howard's dramatics at this point, so it's almost just become a part of him.

    Dwight is arguably the top center in the league—when he wants to be—but in the past few years, he's proven to be one of the biggest (literally) headaches too.

    He waffled on his stance with the Magic, had a miserable Hollywood experience and then finally put an end to all the free-agent drama by landing in Houston.

    Who knows what makes Dwight happy, but with a fat new contract and a new start, maybe he'll return to his fun-loving days rather than his drama-filled ones?

    Doubt it.

John Terry

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    We may not get to see it much since we're across the pond, but rest assured that over in England, John Terry garners a ton of unnecessary headlines.

    Throughout his career, Terry has always been a fireball of controversy thanks to claims from other players about racism, and when Terry's dad wound up getting into it in an alleged racist attack, it only put more negative attention regarding the topic on the Chelsea captain.

    Add to this his bedding of a teammate's girlfriend back in 2010, and Terry seems to love seeing his name in the papers regardless of what it's for.


Kobe Bryant

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    He's without a doubt the best player of his generation, earning five titles and even more individual honors, but Kobe Bryant has a flair for the dramatic—and it's not just in his game.

    This year alone, he battled the drama of a new head coach, clashing with former mate Dwight Howard, an ugly dispute with his parents and a torn Achilles that's already causing more drama for the guy.

    I know a few of you will continue to say I'm just drinking from the hater cooler when it comes to Kobe—not true, I admire the guy—but if you don't think the dude sweats drama, you're lying to yourselves.

    Come on, he plays in L.A. What do you expect?

Mark Sanchez

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    I just can't seem to get the image of Mark Sanchez's bare ass out of my mind thanks to his little video from last month.

    Considering those are the best moves he's had in the past couple years, it's usually not a good thing when you're a starting quarterback on an NFL team.

    Sanchez was over-hyped coming out of Southern Cal, and definitely over-selected at No. 5.

    He gained more attention by "managing" the Jets to back-to-back AFC title games.

    And he's been able to roll around in the fame from it all ever since, continuing to get caught up in the drama seemingly every season.

LeBron James

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    I know that I've been a harsh critic of LeBron James ever since he failed to lead my beloved Cavs to a title in his seven years with them, but believe me when I say that I really didn't want to put "The Chosen One" this high on my list.

    It just felt warranted though.

    Yes, I admit that James has gotten better since the debacle of "The Decision" in 2010, but he still does plenty to attract attention to himself.

    Whining to refs, still having that LeBron self-entitlement and everything else that comes along with being him, James can't seem to go anywhere without drama following him.

    Oh yeah, and it's a year in which he can opt out to become a free agent next offseason, so get ready for rumors galore!

Tim Tebow

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    Has there ever been a more talked about back-up quarterback in NFL history before?

    Yes, Tim Tebow had a great college career that was capped with a Heisman trophy and two national titles.

    Sure, he appears to be one of the good guys in sports who seems to say the right things, respecting both the game and his opposition and tries to inspire others.

    But are most sports fans sick of hearing about him?

    Yes, and now that he's with the drama-filled Patriots, don't expect it to stop anytime soon—assuming he even survives the roster cuts.

Tiger Woods

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    Though he's no stranger to putting it on himself, maybe we're all too hard on Tiger Woods?

    After all, this is a guy who was on national TV as a two-year-old.

    But upon further review, Woods openly takes the limelight just about as well as he does his running Tiger fist pump after a big putt.

    He has beef with other golfers, is openly criticized for his on-course antics at times, and, oh yeah, there was that little sex addiction he had once too.

    With 14 Major titles and the current No. 1 world ranking to his name, Woods will forever be full of drama—fair or unfair—though I'm sure he'd just rather focus on golf.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be one of the biggest winners in sports today—carrying an undefeated 44-0 record in his pro career—but as we all know, he likes to talk. A lot.

    It doesn't matter if it's his controversial statements about other boxers—namely, Manny Pacquiao—if he causes a stir thanks to certain things he posts on his social media, or due in part because of his baby mama drama, 'Money Mayweather' does what he can to place the spotlight solely on himself.

Johnny Manziel

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    In my personal opinion, there might not be a more polarizing figure in college sports history as Texas A&M quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

    Not even the great Tim Tebow has 'Johnny Football' beat.

    For anyone who saw film from his trip to SEC Media Days last week, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    The partying. The Tweeting. The being kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy. It's all unnecessary crap that Manziel brings upon himself.

Alex Rodriguez

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    Just when you thought Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez had stopped talking following his little tiff with General Manager Brian Cashman, A-Rod decided he needed to step up his dramatic theatrics.

    So naturally, that's what he did this week.

    Rodriguez said that he thinks the Yanks are against him in his comeback from injury, and continues to cause a stir thanks to his alleged involvement with PEDs.

    I know they don't give awards out for best dramatic performance by a baseball player, but if they did, A-Rod would be a virtual lock each year.

Andrew Bynum

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    What's this?

    A Cleveland athlete—albeit a new one—atop my list?

    Maybe he's just the flavor of the week following his unnecessary comments about Lakers fans the other day, but new Cavs big man Andrew Bynum has done stuff like this before.

    From his reaction after a 2012 playoff loss to him getting paid $17 million last year to ride the pine for the Sixers all year, Stephen A. Smith said it best the other day when talking about him (1:14 mark), saying, "he likes his money. He loves his mama. And he loves his cars." 

    I can't believe I just agreed with Stephen A., but he's spot on.