Tiger Woods Is a Sex Addict...and Image Is Everything!

Bob Warja@@bobwarjaSenior Writer IJanuary 15, 2010

I'm watching the morning news and this "bombshell," as it's reported, comes on the tube. Tiger Woods checks himself into a rehab facility for sex addiction!

Immediately I think to myself two things: what a great move from a P.R. standpoint, and two, what took so long?

I can't give whoever his advisors are much credit up until now, because Tiger's silence has hurt him in a big way. I would have had him out in front of the media early on, saying, "Yes, I cheated but I'm not to blame. I'm addicted to sex."

As Dr. Drew would tell us, addiction is something out of our control. It is a life-long struggle that cannot be solved by willpower alone.

And, the addiction gene is not limited to drugs and booze, for addiction is addiction. Yes, sex is included in that definition.

Of course, in Tiger's case, all of this is laughable and unnecessary. I don't claim to know whether Tiger really has a sex addiction, or if that even exists. What I do know, however, is that Tiger has a public image problem of massive proportions and it's time he starts doing something to help himself.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. So Tiger admits he has this image problem. He walks away from golf for a while, checks into a clinic, gets his life in order, and the next thing you know he wins back the hearts and minds of the public once again.

You think it can't happen? Think again.

Oh sure, there will be some people who never forgive him, and his pristine, "sweet polly purebred" image is certainly gone forever.

But if Tiger can overcome this horrible addiction, this terrible tragedy of not being able to say no when beautiful young women throw themselves at you night and day, the poor man will have pulled himself up by his bootstraps and may even become a bigger hero that ever before.

Sound crazy? Perhaps, but you watch. He'll come out of this a supposedly changed man, start doing charitable work for Cheaters Anonymous (if that organization even exists), and be a role model for men everywhere who went astray.

The addiction may be the problem, but it is also the excuse.

Tiger should take a cue from his buddy Michael Jordan on how to handle adversity. MJ's people were masters at proactively addressing situations so they either never saw the light of day, or they were quickly extinguished.

MJ gambled and ran around with some shady characters. In fact, he may have even been suspended from the NBA for it. So he went to baseball for awhile until the heat subsided.

MJ cheated and eventually Juanita left him. But while he was playing, it was all good. At least in the public eye.

But let's face it, the most important thing to Tiger is to start winning golf tournaments again. As soon as he wins his next major, those sponsors who ditched him will be lining up to kiss his ring hand, even if there may be no wedding ring on that finger any more. 

For the ring that means the most to Tiger is the title as Greatest Golfer Ever. As long as he gets back to that pursuit again, nothing else matters.

For as a society we're all addicts too. Our addiction to sport rivals that of anything known to man. And that addiction will draw us back in to watch a living legend.

And Tiger's street cred has never been better.