Jeremy Lin Documentary 'Linsanity' to Be Released in Movie Theaters in October

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Jeremy Lin Documentary 'Linsanity' to Be Released in Movie Theaters in October
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Jeremy Lin will soon be coming to a theater near you. Maybe.

According to Dave McNary of Variety, Ketchup Entertainment has acquired the rights to the Linsanity documentary and plans to release it in theaters on Oct. 4:

Ketchup Entertainment has acquired Evan Jackson Leong’s “Linsanity” and will release the documentary on Oct. 4.

The Jeremy Lin doc, which premiered at Sundance, will launch in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco along with 10 to 15 other cities.

Film follows Lin’s life from his childhood in Palo Alto, Calif., to his meteoric ascent to stardom in early 2012 with the New York Knicks in the National Basketball Assn., giving rise to the term “Linsanity.” The film was an official selection at South by Southwest this year and screens Wednesday at the opening night of the Asian American International Film Festival at Asia Society in New York City.

Big-market moviegoers, get your popcorn (extra butter) ready.

Lin's rise to prominence in 2012 was so sudden and unexpected, this documentary is bound to be one worth checking out.

You didn't have to be a New York Knicks fan (though it certainly helped) to appreciate the shots Lin hit and subsequent hoopla he created during his reign of dominance in the Big Apple.

Now more than ever would seem like a great time to rehash what became a global phenomenon. 

Having joined the Houston Rockets last summer, Lin now plays in the shadow of James Harden and, soon enough, Dwight Howard's as well. There are times where Linsanity seems like a distant memory, even though we're only one season removed from his initial emergence.

Aiding in its transiency was Lin's 2012-13 performance, in which he failed to play at as high a level as he did with the Knicks. But failure to repeat his concrete-jungle exploits shouldn't take away from what he has done and all that he continues to accomplish.

As McNary notes, Linsanity began filming in 2010, while Lin was still a virtual nobody at Harvard. Three years later, the undrafted point guard finds himself as the projected starter for a borderline superteam in the Rockets.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Lin's story is still one worth acknowledging.

Therein lies the heart of Linsanity.

He wasn't supposed to be here. What went down in New York, and anything that goes down in Houston or wherever else he should play, wasn't supposed to happen.

Lin was a no-name with a future that didn't include playing in the NBA. He was cut, written off and counted out in just about every way imaginable.

Now he's here, in Houston, still making a name for himself in the league he was never thought good enough to play in.

Doesn't matter if he's averaging 20 and 10 en route to an All-Star selection, or 13 and six as Harden's sidekick. Everything about Lin's journey is still surreal.

Everything about it is still Linsane.

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