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Will Lin's Hot Streak Convince Lakers to Re-Sign Him?

By Team Stream Now (Photo: Bleacher Report)

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    Lin Gives Food, Gifts to Homeless

    by Tristan Thornburgh

    Los Angeles Lakers guard Jeremy Lin spent a few of his days off during NBA All-Star Weekend in upstate New York giving back to the homeless with a couple of very personal gifts... Read More »

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    Latest Lakers Rumors

    by Scott Polacek

    Seemingly everyone in the league was traded before Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline. Everyone, that is, except for a member of the Los Angeles Lakers ... Read More »

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    Latest Lakers Rumors

    by Nate Loop

    Life is bleak for Los Angeles Lakers fans right now. The team is 13-40 and has very little to look forward to in the short term on the court, lest it finds a way to make a major move at the trade d... Read More »

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    Buzz Regarding Goran Dragic and Jeremy Lin

    by Kenny DeJohn

    The Los Angeles Lakers have just under three days to fix the mess that has been the 2014-15 season. Of course, "fix" is a word used in a relative sense here. There's absolutely nothing L... Read More »

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    Latest Lakers News

    by Chris Roling

    To those faithful to the Los Angeles Lakers : This is what rock bottom feels like. Enjoy it. This builds character, and nobody from here on out can cry "bandwagon." Besides, it only gets better... Read More »