Oakland Raider Fan vs San Diego Charger Fan Part I: It's On Now Patches!

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - AUGUST 18:  An Oakland Raiders fan celebrates a Raiders touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers during a pre-season game at Monster Park August 18, 2007 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Greg Trott/Getty Images)

Raider fan Ramone Brown felt the need to unleash his fury on the Chargers without knowing what the hell he's talking about.  I don't follow the Raiders, so I would never be (Raider) enough to say the Raiders have no chance. 

Ramone, however, says the the Chargers will go 9-7 at best and proceeded to point out any reason he could (guess) of to convince us all that the Chargers will not dominate the division.  He didn't go so far as to say that the Chargers can't win the division, so I'll give him that much.

Let us informed Charger fans answer the "charges" that Ramone has leveled against the Bolts...

Ramone: Tomlinson is past his prime and the Chargers know it.  That's why they franchised Sproles and drafted another RB...

Ian's response:

  1. The Chargers draft a running back every year.  Every year.
  2. Darren Sproles was franchised because he is a threat as a returner and occasionally out of the backfield.  LT has nothing to do with Sproles being franchised.
  3. LT had a couple of injuries that limited his effectiveness at the very begining and and end of the year, but when he was healthy he looked like the same 'ol Tomlinson. 
  4. Last time I checked, the Bolts didn't draft Donald Brown or Beanie Wells.
  5. Do the Chargers want to groom LT's replacement?  Yes.  Is it the number one priority right now?  No.  Is 2009 draft pick Gartrell Johnson that man?  Maybe he is.  If he is, does that mean good news for the Raiders?

Dude both the Broncos and the Raiders had worse injuries than the Chargers.

  1. Please.  Who could the Raiders or Broncos (or Chiefs) have lost who was at a Pro Bowl level?  The Chargers had PRO BOWL players injured, not scrubs.  Who cares that the Broncos lost six backup caliber running backs? 

    I know that the Broncos had the Bailey brothers, the Raiders lost Darren McFadden—who is no better than Darren Sproles by the way—but I won't embarrass myself by acting like I know who else they had injury woes with.  However, they weren't the caliber of the guys the Chargers had injuries to. 
  2. LaDainian Tomlinson, Jamal Williams, Nick Hardwick, Marcus McNeil, Antonio Gates, Andrew Pinnock (who they had no business cutting), Antonio Cromartie, Clinton Hart, Luis Castillo, and Shawn Merriman?  Who did the Chargers not go 6-10 with guys like that battle injuries?
  3. If the Raiders lost 12 guys that couldn't make the Chargers practice squad...Please. 

But don't you find it funny how they drafted a player who plays the same position as Merriman in the first round sounds like a replacement to me.

  1. You would find that funny, but not anyone who knows about the Bolts.  Merriman and Phillips have been injured at various times and Jyles Tucker and Marques Harris could not adequately replace those guys, especially not Merriman.
  2. On passing situations, Merriman and/or Shaun Phillips often move to DE and the backups come in and play OLB (ask Aaron Brooks).  Bringing in Larry English is just more heat for the QB to deal with.  There may be a couple more eight or nine sack games in the near future in favor of the Bolts.
  3. The Chargers lost to the Steelers specifically because they didn't have a pass rush with Big Ben chillin' all day in the pocket.  With English, the Chargers hope to go back to the top of the league in sacks.  If that happens, it's trouble for great teams like the Steelers and Patriots.  It's overkill against the Raiders and Broncos. 

Merriman wont be back to what he was.  Surgeries similar to what he had usually take two years to fully come back from.

  1. Is that a fact?
  2. While it is possible that Larry English will eventually replace Merriman, but Merriman played seven games on those same torn ligaments and dominated (one was torn in the preseason of his ROOKIE season and he still dominated). 
  3. The man is 24 years old, your hoping that he won't be the same player.  You should be "hoping" that the Raiders have a guy on offense to deal with him.
  4. Medical procedures have significantly improved, but it was always "it takes two years for the player to get the confidence in the knee back."  It does NOT take two years to heal from ligament surgery. 
  5. Philip Rivers came back from a torn ACL in what?  Four to Six months?  Merriman will have much more time than that, so keep hoping.  Like Rivers, Merriman is a blue collar worker that will stop at nothing to get back on that field.  He hasn't been slacking like Tom Brady

The best the Chargers can even hope of doing is 9-7 if not worse, not 12-4 like most of you fools like to predict.

  1. More hoping on your part.
  2. The Chargers "hope" to get the right breaks come playoff time, so that they can get to the Super Bowl.  They do not "hope" they can consistently out play the other teams in the AFC West.
  3. I haven't made a prediction, but the last time I did predict the Chargers would go 12-4, I was called a fool (by Charger fans!).  The only thing the Chargers did was go 12-4 and win the division 4 out of the next 5 years.

Can the Raiders rise from the ashes and win the division?  Yes!  If Miami could do it, so can the Raiders.  However, you're hoping things go wrong for the Chargers...Again!  The Silver and Black doesn't have that type of luck.

When the Chargers took the division from the Chiefs in 2005, the Chiefs came out on fire with no intentions of letting the Chargers come into their house and when the division.  The Chargers kicked the Chiefs in the ass and said "we're taking this title from you," sweeping the Chiefs that year.

When the 2005 Broncos took the title from the Chargers, the Broncos kicked the Chargers in the ass and said "this is our division."  Had San Diego not lost, but won both games to the Broncos, they would have won the AFC West. 

When the Chargers stepped up and took the division back from the Broncos in 2006, they grabbed the Broncos by the throat and at one point out scoring the Broncos 56-6!  The Bolts broke out the thunder boot to the Broncos collective asses.

Is this the year that the Raiders step up and TAKE the crown or are you hoping the Raiders back into the the title like the Miami Dolphins did when the Patriots lost Tom Brady, the Titans did with a gimpy kneed Paton Manning, or the Broncos tried to do with an injury crippled Chargers squad? 

Are you ready to say that the Raiders are set to physically dominate the Chargers twice a year and say "this is our division?"

You are going to have to deal with the 800 pound gorilla in the AFC West by becoming a 900 pound gorilla.  That's how it works in the AFC West or the NFL in general.  Period.  You don't win the title with split decisions.  You've got to knock out the champ to win the title.

Side note:  Make no mistake.  The Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders are NOT the Chargers main rivals at this point.  The Steelers, Colts, Patriots, and maybe the Titans are.  The Broncos got to bark at the tree a little bit last year thanks to Ed Hochuli, but in the end that tree fell on the Broncos much to Peyton Manning and the NFL's chagrin.


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