Andrew Bynum Takes Subtle Shot at Lakers Fan, Embraces Passion of Cavs Fans

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2013

Premier big men just don't seem to appreciate the Los Angeles Lakers these days.

First Dwight Howard rebuffs Los Angeles' free-agency overtures in favor of the Houston Rockets, then Andrew Bynum takes a subtle (but really not-so-subtle) jab at the team's fans.

Speaking with Fox Sports (via; h/t Beyond the Buzzer) on the heels of his introductory press conference with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Bynum praised his new supporters at the expense of his old ones.

“I just know that they’re really, really passionate," Bynum said of the Cleveland faithful. "And I haven’t had the opportunity to play for a city that is really just gonna stand up and really support the team, I’m super excited and I can’t wait to see what it’s like.”


Lakers fans should take exception to Bynum's sentiments, considering he put an emphasis on "really" more than once.

Clearly, he was making an attempt at flattery, extolling Cavaliers loyalists so that he could make a good first impression. Completely understandable given the circumstances.

It's not like the 25-year-old was being entirely untruthful, either. Cleveland fans are an impassioned bunch, willing to laud the accolades of their role models while scorning those who abuse such devotion.

Charming his way into the hearts of Cavs mainstays isn't an issue by any means. Disregarding the past affections of the Laker advocates is.

For Bynum to say that he hasn't had the chance to play for a city that's genuinely going to celebrate its team is absurd. The Lakers are one of the NBA's flagship franchises because 1) they win championships and 2) their fanbase is made up of some of the most ardent spectators the league has ever seen.

The going wasn't always smooth in Hollywood, but Bynum won two titles there. He knows how incredible the patrons can be when times are good. Casting that experience aside is an insult to the seven years both the franchise and its fans invested in him.

Not that we're surprised he could so readily dismiss his experience in Los Angeles. As collateral damage of the Lakers' pursuit of Superman, Bynum probably still harbors some resentment.

This is also the same kid that claimed Kobe Bryant stunted his development. Ignoring how good he had it in purple and gold is then far from out of character.

Applaud Bynum's efforts to win over the Cavaliers fans. They deserve every compliment he offered.

Pay no attention to his indirect dig at Lakers fans, though. If he purposely meant to slight Los Angeles, he has no idea what he's talking about. People who fail to grasp the concept of authentic loyalty rarely do.