The Jacksonville Jaguars' Holes Heading into the 2009 Season

David NelsonCorrespondent IIIMay 9, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 26:  John Henderson #98 of the Jacksonville Jaguars asks the crowd for noise in a game against the Cleveland Browns at Jacksonville Muncipal Stadium on October 26, 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Heading into this off season, the Jaguars had many holes throughout their starting lineup.

So far through free agency and the draft, many of these holes have either been filled or at least improved drastically.

The main concern for this team heading into next season is the lack of depth at the defensive tackle position.

With one of the games best in John Henderson, there is a need to get a second defensive tackle that will help stuff running games and get to the quarterback. 

After trading Marcus Stroud, Rob Meier was plugged into the starting lineup after playing solid as a back up.  Unfortunately, we learned Meier should stay a back up. 

Terrance Knighton was added in the draft, but it is unrealistic to expect huge contributions this year.  Possibly down the line, Knighton will become the help that Henderson is in desperate need of. 

The Jaguars are known for their very physical defensive style, and last year showed it is hard to play physical without having the players needed to stuff the middle of the line.

Another glaring hole the Jaguars currently have is their strong safety position.

After moving Brian Williams to safety last year, Drayton Florence struggled horribly and Williams had to move back over to cornerback.

Gerald Sensabaugh played decent last year, but costed more than what the Jaguars were willing to pay to retain him.

With Sensabaugh gone, the Jaguars signed free agent safety Sean Considine, a former Eagle.

Considine adds a nice back up, but has only one season as a starter under his belt, and he lost his job the very next year.

The possibility exists of grabbing another veteran free agent to a one year deal, but it looks like the Jaguars are content with Considine for the moment.

With great improvement at the wide receiver position, it is still fair to say that we are missing a number two receiver.

I'm giving Torry Holt the benefit of the doubt, and saying he is still capable of playing as the number one.  After Holt, there is plenty of talent, but nobody who has stepped up enough to be considered a dangerous second threat.

Northcutt has showed signs of being a solid wide out, but he makes a very good number three, or slot receiver.

Mike Walker is the guy who has the chance to become a possible star in this league.  If Walker can finally step up and stay healthy, he might not only become their number two, but future number one receiver.

Perhaps Mike Thomas or Jarrett Dillard can surprise us and step in right away, but that is always a big stretch for a rookie.

The last big hole I see on this team's roster is at running back. 

No, I am definitely not saying we don't have a great play maker in Maurice Jones-Drew, but the fact of the matter is most teams are using two running backs now.

After releasing Fred Taylor, we do not possess a guy with any big time experience.  Aside from Greg Jones, who plays full back, the Jaguars backfield consists of Chauncey Washington, Alvin Pearman, and recently drafted Rashad Jennings.

Jennings, who was drafted in the seventh round, would complement Jones-Drew very nicely with his size and speed.  It is just a matter of seeing how he can adjust to the NFL.  We saw that he was something special in college.

The Jaguars may also look at free agency to grab a veteran running back for one or two years.  Edgerrin James was just released, and he could possibly fit in nice depending on his price.

All in all, the Jaguars do not have any holes that are in desperate need of filling.  This is a team with a lot of young talent that if they play at a high level, can definitely turn some heads this year.