AJ McCarron Helps Prank Sleeping QB on Carpool Home from Manning Passing Academy

Brian LeighFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2013

A group of college quarterbacks who weren't asked to leave this week's Peyton Manning Passing Academy decided to carpool home from the event. One of them was Alabama starter and two-time national champion AJ McCarron, who, together with some of his peers, taught one unlucky player a playful lesson in college road trip protocol.

Here's the video from inside the car, where McCarron, Middle Tennessee State quarterback Logan Kilgore and former Ole Miss backup David Morris pull the prank on sleeping South Alabama QB Brandon Bridge:

Bridge's scream is perfect, so good it almost feels staged. As Kilgore said at the start of the video, the plan was to teach him why you never fall asleep on a QB road trip. After that petrified shriek (and its subsequent posting to the Internet), it's probably fair to say he learned his lesson.

Obviously, McCarron is the biggest name in the car, but other than Morris (the founder of QB Country and former roommate of Eli Manning), all have shown enough potential to warrant an invite to Manning's Passing Academy.

Bridge—the sleeper—had to sit out last season after transferring from Alcorn State to South Alabama, but he's an impressive 6'5'' dual-threat prospect who could start as a freshman this year. Kilgore is a senior at Middle Tennessee State who's thrown for 5,342 yards and 37 touchdowns in his career and led the Blue Raiders to an 8-4 record in 2012.

There's no need to turn this into a serious story because, well, it's not. But it is interesting to note the difference between McCarron's merry, prank-filled ride home and the downcast, apology-filled one Johnny Manziel (allegedly) had with his family.

To the quarterback who doesn't get kicked out of camp go the spoils.

[h/t Big Lead Sports]