And 1's 'The Professor' Shows off Sick Streetball Skills as Spider-Man

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Never go iso on Peter Parker. 

Actually, the man wearing the Spider-Man outfit isn't really Peter Parker, nor is he really a superhero with spidey senses or web-slinging powers. 

While I'm breaking bad news to you, I have to relay that the man wearing a No. 35 Thunder jersey isn't even Kevin Durant

No, this is a video featuring And 1's "The Professor" making basketball bros look all sorts of silly, and he's doing it while wearing a Spider-Man costume—because, why the hell not?

I couldn't enjoy this video taken from the blacktop star's YouTube feed, though. 

Now, The Professor certainly has ridiculous handles and jaw-dropping jukes, but all I could think of while watching the above video was the one below.


I am forever haunted by that horrendous scene from an awful movie. Thanks to Halle Berry, I can no longer enjoy great one-on-one basketball. 

As for Spidey taking a bunch of random ballers to task, I enjoyed it as much as I could with visions of a befuddled Benjamin Bratt dancing through my head. I particularly enjoyed the sounds of amazed little kids who thought they were witnessing a true Marvel superstar coming to life. 

I also appreciated every last hoops victim who thought they would be the one to stop the onslaught of ankle-breaking moves, only to be taken to the hoop over and over again. 

Forget Andrew Garfield. The next Spider-Man movie needs The Professor. 


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